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Israel eyes up Lebanon and threatens more war

Netanyahu wants to deploy more soldiers to Israel’s northern border with Lebanon
Issue 2911
Marching against war in London

Marching for Palestine in London (Picture: Guy Smallman)

Israel is in chaos as it remains unable to beat the resistance inside of Gaza. But its response is to threaten a wider war in the region. After Israel’s war cabinet dissolved earlier this month, and following some of the largest protests since 7 October against him, prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu is clinging to power.  

He and others within the terror state believe that the only way to stay in control and win back support is to escalate war. Even one of Netanyahu’s admirals has admitted that Israel can’t beat the Palestinian resistance group Hamas.

“Whoever thinks it is possible to destroy Hamas is mistaken,” said Israeli admiral and army spokesman Daniel Hagari in an interview last Wednesday. So now the Israeli state is setting its sights on another enemy—the Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah.

In a rare one-on-one interview with Israeli media last Sunday, Netanyahu said that the “intense phase” of fighting in Rafah in Gaza is over. He said that he now wants to deploy more soldiers to Israel’s northern border with Lebanon to fight Hezbollah.

Since 8 October 2023 Israel has attacked Hezbollah across the border and rained down bombs on the country. The group has previously said that it doesn’t want a wider war. But its leaders are now saying that if Israel steps up the attacks, it will be ready to fight.

“We have taken a decision that any expansion, no matter how limited it is, will be faced with an expansion that deters such a move and inflicts heavy Israeli losses,” Hezbollah’s deputy leader Naim Qassem said in a speech last week. Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, warned that leaders of militant groups in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Yemen have offered to send thousands of troops to help in Lebanon.

Nasrallah added that the group’s current incursions against Israel have only used a small section of its total manpower. In response to the escalation, Iran’s mission to the United Nations added, “Undoubtedly, this war will have one ultimate loser, which is the Zionist regime.

“The Lebanese Resistance movement, Hezbollah, has the capability to defend itself and Lebanon—perhaps the time for the self-annihilation of this illegitimate regime has come.” Western leaders seemed nervous about the prospect of a wider war.

On Monday European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell told reporters that he thought “unhappily, we are on the eve of the war expanding”. Israel’s defence minister Yoav Gallant travelled to the United States early this week supposedly to drum up support for the war plans.

He said, “I plan to discuss developments in Gaza and Lebanon. These are particularly important and impactful at this time. We are prepared for any action that may be required in Gaza, Lebanon and in additional areas.” Netanyahu is playing a dangerous game. His attempts to hang on to power could lead to Israel being trapped in a war it won’t be able to win.

  • Stop the War workplace day of action—Don’t vote for genocide, welfare not warfare on Thursday 27 June. Details at 
  • National Palestine solidarity protest—End the genocide, stop arming Israel on Saturday 6 July. Details at

Children murdered as they plead to be helped

The Israeli state shot 335 bullets into the car where six-year-old Palestinian girl Hind Rajab, her four cousins and her aunt and uncle were sheltering, killing them all. Journalists from Al Jazeera, Forensic Architecture and Earshot uncovered the horror of what the family suffered on 29 January.

The Palestinian Red Crescent released an audio of the girl pleading with them to help. And audio analysis of a call made by Hind’s cousin Layla Hamada captured the sound of the Israeli tanks firing at the car.

The vehicle was between 13 and 23 metres away, so Israeli soldiers would have been able to see them inside. The Israeli attack also killed two paramedics Yousef Zeino and Ahmad al-Madhoun, dispatched to help her.

Hind’s mother, Wissam, said, “For every person who heard my voice and my daughter’s pleading voice, yet did not rescue her, I will question them before God on the Day of Judgement. Binyamin Netanyahu, Joe Biden and all those who collaborated against us, against Gaza and its people, I pray against them from the depths of my heart.”

Injured strapped to Israeli jeeps

During an attack on the West Bank city of Jenin, Zionist soldiers strapped a wounded Palestinian to the bonnet of their jeep. Zionist forces beat and arrested Mujahed Abbadeh last Saturday. He said he was already injured before the soldiers placed him on the jeep.

“I can’t move my leg,” Mujahed said. “My arm hurts tremendously. I feel very bad about what happened. They were hitting me on my head. They were hitting me on my leg before even putting me on the jeep.

“They were insulting me while they put me on the jeep. They committed a criminal act against me.” Mujahed’s cousin said that Israeli forces are regularly strapping injured Palestinians onto their jeeps.

Babies are being starved to death

One in three children in northern Gaza are acutely malnourished, according to the United Nations children’s agency Unicef. Abdulaziz al-Hourani is five months old but only weighs three kilograms. He was being treated at the al-Ahli hospital in northern Gaza.
His mother said that she couldn’t find any food to give him. “This is my only baby,” she said.

“He is supposed to weigh at least five kilograms and I am very worried about his health. I can’t take him abroad because the borders are closed.” Head of the Gaza media office Ismail Al-Thawabta said that malnutrition has killed 33 people since 7 October, including 29 children.

Women and girls at instant risk

One million women and girls have “lost their dignity, their homes, their families, their memories”. This is what Maryse Guimond, the United Nations women’s special representative for Palestine, said after visiting war-torn Gaza.

She added, “More than 10,000 women lost their lives and more than 6,000 families lost their mothers.” One mother Dana Hassan said that she lost her baby after being exposed to white phosphorus in al-Remal, Gaza City.

“The doctor told me many women like me lost their babies for the same reason,” she said. “I was so sad and worn out mentally as the due date of my baby marked his death.” 

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