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It’s right to hold Labour MPs to account for their crimes

Keep up the rage against those who don't back a ceasefire
Issue 2882
Lobbying Labour leader Starmer. Crowd with Palestinian flag and purple Unison union banner

Protesting at Labour leader Starmer last Saturday

Labour politicians don’t like being told they are backing murder by the Israeli state. So they claim they are being intimidated.

After people marched on Keir Starmer’s offices last Saturday, shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves said demonstrators had acted in an “anti-democratic” way.

The protests, she said, “Crossed the line from protest to intimidation.”

Reeves expects people to be silent as Starmer supports mass murder.  Alastair Campbell accused the Green Party of “nastiness” for publishing the names of MPs who opposed a ceasefire in the recent Commons vote.  Anyone can download this from the official record.

Campbell—who lied to justify Tony Blair’s war on Iraq—then compared the “intimidating behaviour” with the murder of Jo Cox MP by a fascist.

Yet in 2019, Campbell shared a list of Labour politicians who abstained from a vote led by Remainer campaign group The People’s Vote on a second Brexit referendum. Last year he said, “If you have a Tory MP, find out where they are and make sure they know what you think of what happened today.”

The baseless slurs from Labour build on Tory claims that virtually any form of protest is a “hate march” and—if it’s about Palestine—antisemitism.

It’s right to make politicians face up to their crimes. It’s right to rage against MPs.

Keep directing your anger to all those who help the Israeli state’s carnage.

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