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Shut down the Israeli embassy in London

Egypt is making plans for ethnic cleansing in Rafah
Issue 2892
Protest against Rafah attack with large banner reading "Stop Gaza genocide"

Protesting in Manchester on Tuesday evening against the attack on Rafah

Israel is pressing ahead with its planned ground assault on Rafah in the south of Gaza despite words from its backers urging a tactical delay.

The US said that Israel needs a “credible plan” to invade Rafah, while Australia said the operation is not justifiable and Germany called for a truce. But the US won’t cut arms supplies and funding to Israel—which could halt the killing almost immediately.

Meanwhile, William Burns, director of the US spy agency the CIA arrived in Israel on Thursday to meet prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu to discuss negotiations with Hamas on the Israel detainees.

While these talks meander on, the genocide continues. Israeli occupation forces destroyed two ambulances inside the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis and stormed the maternity building inside the complex.

Israel fired missiles and artillery and launched airstrikes against Rafah on Thursday. This is preparation for a full-scale ground operation.

Bahzad Al-Akhras, a mental health doctor, told The Guardian newspaper, “All we can do—all 1.4 million of us—is wait for the worst.

“Life feels like one eternal, never-ending day. It is filled with suffering and scenes of horror that you see so often, they begin to blend together. It is our collective new routine to hear, witness, sit with, and walk beside death.

“For us, this is not war. It is a never-ending bloodbath, yet as the world watches the unfolding genocide, no action is being taken that could prevent it. Nothing that is happening to us is justifiable and no human should experience this kind of suffering.”

Egypt is preparing for Rafah’s population to be expelled. 

The Sinai Foundation for Human Rights says construction is underway to create a zone for hundreds of thousands of people facing ethnic cleansing.

Citing local contractors, the group says the aim is to create an area in the Egyptian Sinai peninsula that is surrounded by seven-metre-high walls. It will be built over the destroyed homes of Indigenous groups in the area.

This would be Nakba II, a repeat of the forced expulsion of Palestinians in 1948 when Israel was founded.

Once out of Gaza, Israel intends these people will never return. And Egypt will not want them bringing their revolutionary zeal to the wider population. So they could be stuck for years in a sealed and barren desert zone with no rights and no future.

Only resistance and revolt in Palestine, Egypt and worldwide can halt this. Hundreds of thousands of pro-Palestine protesters are set to take to the streets of London on Saturday.

The march will assemble at Hyde Park at noon and march for the first time to the Israeli embassy. It is part of a Global Day of Action for Gaza, which will see millions out in cities across the world.

Stop the War convenor Lindsey German said, “We are witnessing genocide in real time. Israel is intent on driving the Palestinians out from Gaza and the West Bank, to ethnically cleanse them from historic Palestine. We are determined they won’t succeed.

“This Saturday we’re going to the Israeli embassy, to make clear to the regime waging war on the people of Gaza that we will continue to stand with Palestine for as long as it takes.”

The movement mustn’t concede to police pressure to reroute or cut short the march. Let’s bring all our fury to the Israeli embassy on Saturday.

The march will increase the pressure on MPs as they face another decision on supporting a real ceasefire. A vote is set for next Wednesday, 21 February.

Labour MPs who have faithfully backed imperialism will again have to choose between support for a ceasefire or support for genocide.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign has called a lobby during the day and a protest later on. On to the streets on Saturday, and then push MPs to back a ceasefire.

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