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The rage against Israeli terror is spreading

People have taken to the streets across the world
Issue 2878
A crowd shot of the Palestine march in London last Saturday, a person in the foreground has their arms in the air holding a sign in one

Anger at Israel on the streets of London last Saturday (Picture: Guy Smallman)

The fight for Palestine’s liberation is quickly becoming a global movement, but you wouldn’t know it if you looked at the mainstream media.

Across the world people have taken to the streets, sometimes defying protest police attacks and state bans, to raise their voices.

There were big protests in the US last weekend. Some 30,000 people marched in Chicago and 10,000 people protested in Brooklyn, New York.

In France, around 30,000 demonstrated in Paris on Sunday following a big protest in Lyon.

Over the weekend there were protests from Europe to the Middle East and from the Americas to Australasia.

Thousands took to the streets of the Maldives capital city, Malé, for example. The total population of the Maldives is only slightly over 500,000.

This explosion of rage shows not only the depth of disgust at Israel’s war, but also the depth of anger many ordinary people feel towards their own ruling classes.

Protesters have come to see that on one side stand the media, the politicians and the bosses—who back Israel.

And on the other, the working class, the poor and the oppressed, who, in their millions, are shouting their solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Socialists must take these expressions of class anger and rage at oppression—and use them to fan the flames of revolt.

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