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SWP response to letter from Woman’s Place UK

Trans people are facing a barrage of attacks. 

The Socialist Workers Party (SWP) stands with the oppressed and unequivocally says, “Trans women are women,” and, “Trans men are men.” Trans people have the right to organise against their oppression and the right to protest against it. We stood in solidarity with the trans students and workers at the University of Sussex who were rightly outraged by Kathleen Stock’s views. 

The SWP did not organise or encourage the protest outside the Woman’s Place UK meeting in London on Wednesday 27 October. Our materials, such as Socialist Worker and placards, were not on the protest and those centrally involved in the protest are not SWP members. 

However, we understand that two people in a video of the protest are SWP members, who took part as individuals. One of those individuals uses unacceptable sexist language and behaviour towards a woman involved in the WPUK meeting. The party will investigate this in accordance with our procedures. 

The attacks on trans rights are pushed by the Tories and the wider right—and go hand in hand with attacks on women’s rights. Our focus is fighting the right wing—and for a socialist society that uproots all oppression. 

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