International Socialism 171



International Socialism Journal is the quarterly theoretical journal of the Socialist Workers Party. Issue 171, published in Summer 2021, includes the following articles: 

  • Vast impersonal forces: Biden, state and capital, Joseph Choonara

  • More than Starmer: why did Labour lose (again)? Charlie Kimber

  • Northern Ireland and the crisis of unionism, Kieran Allen

  • Scottish independence: prospects for breaking up the British State, Donny Gluckstein

  • Out of the shadows: female Leninists and Russian socialism, Judy Cox

  • Anthropocentrism versus ecocentrism: notes on a false dichotomy, Ian Angus

  • The myth of the “neoliberal self”, Jane Hardy

  • The monetary and the military: revisiting Kidron’s permanent arms economy, Joseph Choonara

  • Revolutionary syndicalism and The Miners’ Next Step, Tim Evans

  • Defending Marx and Braverman: taking back the labour process in theory and practice Bob Carter

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