International Socialism 172



International Socialism Journal is the quarterly theoretical journal of the Socialist Workers Party. Issue 172, published in Autmumn 2021, includes the following articles:

  • Afghanistan and empire, Joseph Choonara
  • What to expect from COP26: climate action, climate justice or greenwashing?, Eve Croeser
  • “Fifty pints of lager, please!”: half a century of British Asian struggles, Balwinder Rana
  • China, the Uyghurs and the left, Simon Gilbert
  • Beyond our numbers: a socialist argument about population and the environment, Martin Empson and Ian Rappel
  • Grossman’s Stalingrad, Gareth Jenkins
  • Peter Fryer and the politics of black British history, Christian Høgsbjerg
  • Women’s work in the first civilisations, Rosemarie Nünning
  • Year Zero 1989: two Trotskyisms and the workers’ movement in Brazil, John Rose
  • 60 years of Spartacus, Phil Butland


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