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'Trump will not keep us hiding in the shadows' vow activists ahead of protests

Donald Trump, US, Republican, anti-racism The racist, sexist billionaire’s election as president has galvanised opposition, says?Sadie Robinson

Israel launches a violent crackdown in East Jerusalem

Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel, repression, Palestinians, terror, occupation Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem fought a “crackdown” by Israeli forces, Mexico’s ‘gasolinazo’ revolt grows I Support workers in Egypt

South Koreans' resolute march for president's New Year’s resignation

South Koreans resolute march for presidents New Year’s resignation South Korea’s ruling class may sacrifice the president to save the regime, says Workers’ Solidarity

Anti-racist protests in every US state

marching for an inclusive Wisconsin Demonstrations hit around 50 states across the US last Saturday as protesters showed solidarity with migrants, refugees and Muslims.

Stop this bigot! Inaugurate the resistance to Donald Trump

resist trump;new york US socialist Eric Fretz writes from New York

Bad Monday for Northern Ireland coalition

Bad Monday for Northern Ireland coalition The power sharing government in Northern Ireland has collapsed. Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness resigned as deputy first minister on Monday, triggering an election.

Hospital bombed and refugees displaced in a bloody and chaotic battle for Mosul

The US-led assault on Mosul in Iraq is causing increasing numbers of civilian casualties.

The US and Israel split over how to keep up the racist occupation

The fake two-state solution used to co-opt Palestinian organisations is wearing thin, argues Nick Clark

Tories defend Saudi Arabia after it admits dropping British-made bombs on Yemen

Saudi Arabia’s military has finally admitted that it has used British-made cluster bombs in its assault on Yemen. The truth has been dragged out of the regime after an attempted cover-up lasting over six months.

Workers in Greece launch general strike as bosses demand brutal austerity

A general strike in Greece brought the country to a standstill today, Thursday. The strike came in advance of the Greek parliament meeting this Saturday to vote on the conditions of the next bailout.

Anti-choice bigots launch new attack on abortion rights after Trump's election

We are already feeling the effect of Donald Trump’s election in the US. The war on women’s rights has started.

Protests get rid of corrupt president in South Korea

The South Korean parliament voted to impeach president Park Geun-hye last Friday after weeks of protests and strikes. But workers are not stopping there, writes Workers’ Solidarity

Syria—the tragedy of defeated revolution

Syrian Dictator Bashar al-Assad’s forces have seized the whole of the city of Aleppo. This was no liberation.

General strikes hit Northern Cyprus

A series of general strikes in Northern Cyprus are turning into a revolt against the government following a fatal road accident last month.

Anti-fascist movement stops Nazi election win for Norbert Hofer in Austria

Nazi Norbert Hofer failed to win in a re-run of the Austrian presidential election, writes Sadie Robinson

Referendum revolt in Italy fells prime minister Matteo Renzi

Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi announced his resignation after suffering defeat in a referendum on constitutional reforms last Sunday.

Doing Israel’s dirty work is taking its toll on Fatah

Displays of unity thinly mask a profound crisis in the party that runs the Palestinian Authority, writes Nick Clark

Mass demos in South Korea could end president’s life of plenty

Protests demanding South Korea’s president resigns are deepening, writes Workers’ Solidarity

Greek workers gear up for a general strike

A general strike of public and private sector workers was set to take place in Greece on Thursday.

Donald Trump's school chief funds calls to revive child labour

Donald Trump last week appointed an education secretary who helps to run and fund a think tank that proposed bringing back child labour.

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