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Win for left in Bolivian vote

Win for left in Bolivian vote After almost a year of an unelected right wing government backed by the US, the people of Bolivia have voted to remove the coup regime.

Protesters rattle the monarchy in Thailand

Protesters rattle the monarchy in Thailand The amazing demonstrations in Thailand against the military junta and the monarchy in the past few days show how far the movement has developed.

Belarus revolt faces new repression, but threatens general strike

Belarus revolt The revolt in Belarus is at a crossroads after more than two months of mass protests and strikes against president Aleksander Lukashenko

Health workers march in France and cops raid ministers’ homes

Health workers march in France and cops raid ministers’ homes Health workers across France organised protests on Thursday against conditions that have left them on the brink of collapse.

Pro-choice protests sweep through Poland

Pro-choice protests sweep through Poland An explosion of daily mass demonstrations for abortion rights has swept dozens of towns and cities across Poland. 

Canada—big business launches racist offensive on indigenous fishers

Canada—big business launches racist offensive on indigenous fishers A pitched battle is being fought over fishing rights in Nova Scotia, Canada. On one side, is the Mi’kmaw nation, and on the other stands commercial fishers backed by big business. 

New operation by Turkey ships ratchets up war threats in the Mediterranean

Tensions between the Turkish and Greek governments were again ratcheted up last week.

Strike in South Africa - ‘We are prepared for war over peanuts increases’

Over three million workers in South Africa’s four largest trade union federations held a national strike on Wednesday of last week.

Austrian Nazis suffer heavy election losses

Austria’s fascist Freedom Party suffered heavy losses in regional elections in the capital Vienna on Sunday. 

Golden Dawn court ruling a victory for anti-fascists in Greece

Activists are celebrating after Golden Dawn has been declared a criminal organisation, writes Panos Garganas from Athens

‘It’s like they don’t think we are human’ – US farm workers’ fury over attacks

The US government is helping farm bosses to cut their workers’ wages in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Woman’s rape and murder sees mass revulsion across India

A wave of anger at police, politicians and caste violence has spread across India after four upper-caste men allegedly raped and murdered a low-caste Dalit woman. 

Anger in the streets as killer cops in US let off

US Black Lives Matter ­protesters continue to take to the streets over the decision not to charge the cops with the murder of Breonna Taylor. 

International round up: Students stage worldwide climate strikes

Students organised strikes and protests on a global day of action for the climate last week.

Armenia and Azerbaijan—rival powers threaten war

A long-running border dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan has flared up with some of the heaviest fighting in four years.

France battered by Covid-19 second wave catastrophe

France is now tightly in the grip of a second wave of coronavirus infections.

Women at risk in Trump’s migrant camps 

Are women held in a US immigration detention centre in Georgia being forced to have unnecessary hysterectomies?

Angry workers take to the streets in France for a national day of action

Thousands of workers demonstrated in France last Thursday. They were taking part in a day of national protests called by several trade union federations and student groups.

Horrific conditions for refugees in Greece

After more than a week living on the streets, thousands of refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos are being herded into a new, temporary camp.

Lesvos refugees who escaped a fire now face appalling conditions

'Everybody is tired. We want other countries to come and help us,' a refugee tells Socialist Worker

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