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Why the world is unequal

Why the world is unequal The coronavirus pandemic has laid bare the grotesque inequalities between rich and poor countries

VE Day – the truth about the Second World War, imperialism and Empire

VE Day – the truth about the Second World War, imperialism and Empire This week we are encouraged to celebrate VE Day, which marked an end to the bloody fighting of the Second World War in Europe on 8 May 1945.

Imperialist rivalries heighten the crisis

Imperialist rivalries heighten the crisis The Coronavirus pandemic represents a crisis that is simultaneously biological, economic, and political

VE Day—did workers win the peace?

VE Day—did workers win the peace? As we mark 75 years since Victory in Europe Day, Donny Gluckstein looks at the class forces behind the frontline that helped to shape the post-war world

Locust devastation in East Africa is linked to climate change

Locust devastation in East Africa is linked to climate change Some 40 percent of the 160 million people in the region are already undernourished

New government in Israel poses a fresh threat to Palestinians

New government in Israel poses a fresh threat to Palestinians After more than a year of political deadlock, Israel is set for a new government committed to annexing huge chunks of the Palestinian West Bank.

Cook’s tour drenched in blood

07 April 2020
British explorer James Cook arrived on the east coast of Australia 250 years ago. His incursion was part of a horrific imperialist expansion, writes Charlie Kimber

International Round Up: First coronavirus cases detected in Gaza strip

24 March 2020
The first two cases of coronavirus were detected in the Gaza Strip on Sunday of last week. Two people have been put in quarantine.

An imperial disaster

24 March 2020
If coronavirus rips through countries ravaged by imperialism, it would spell catastrophe for millions.

Julian Assange fights extradition challenge

25 February 2020
Julian Assange began his fight against extradition to the US in a London court on Monday.

Britain backs war crimes in Yemen after 32 killed in raid

18 February 2020
Saudi Arabian airstrikes killed at least 32 civilians last Saturday in brutal revenge for a military setback.

LETTERS - Bristol university students fought against Israeli apartheid

17 February 2020
The Tory society at the University of Bristol recently organised a meeting entitled, A Unique Military Alliance—Israel and the UK.

After UN list published - take on firms that profit from illegal Israeli settlements

13 February 2020
The United Nations (UN) has finally published a list of companies that do business in illegal Israeli settlements, after years of unexpected delays.

Yalta 1945—how they carved up the globe

03 February 2020
Seventy five years ago, a cabal of world leaders crafted a secret plan to divide up Europe. Socialist Worker looks at how workers’ resistance forced their hand

Behind the push for war with Iran

14 January 2020
Decades of Western imperialism in the Middle East lie behind the latest crisis

Why Donald Trump can’t win in Iran

14 January 2020
It’s clear who the losers were in the confrontation between the United States and Iran.

Iranians take to the streets after a week of war threats

14 January 2020
Protests burst out in Iran last Saturday after the regime admitted to accidentally shooting down a passenger plane.

Capitalism causes war and climate crises

07 January 2020
Wildfires, floods and the threat of war ushered in 2020

Resist Trump’s drive to war with Iran

07 January 2020
US president Donald Trump was threatening yet more major acts of war in the Middle East following the assassination of top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

Trump threatens devastating war after US assassinates an Iranian leader

03 January 2020
In a massive warmongering escalation, a US airstrike murdered general Qassem Soleimani

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