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Cop26 conference—‘We’re turning Glasgow into a city in revolt’

Cop26 conference—‘We’re turning Glasgow into a city in revolt’ For months, activists from disparate campaigns and backgrounds have been working to mount a challenge to the climate criminals visiting Glasgow in November.

It’s right to strike during the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow

It’s right to strike during the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow Groups of workers are preparing to strike in Glasgow during the Cop26 international climate ­conference. They are right to do so.

26 reasons to protest at Cop26

26 reasons to protest at Cop26 The United Nations Climate Change Conference, or Cop26, in Glasgow is less than two weeks away. Join the protests, rage at the world leaders who lock in further climate destruction and organise to win action

Politicians’ climate promises will only cut carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2050

Politicians’ climate promises will only cut carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2050 World leaders’ plans to limit global carbon emissions will fall 60 percent short of even their wholly inadequate target to reach net zero by 2050.

Vintage rot from prince

Vintage rot from prince Posh, parasitic, “eco- warrior” prince Charles has graciously revealed some of his tips for a greener life.

Protest at Cop26 to tackle climate inaction

Protest at Cop26 to tackle climate inaction Activists are stepping up preparations for mass demonstrations around the Cop26 climate talks in Glasgow. The main day of mobilisation is Saturday 6 November, just three weeks away.

How cars drive us to disaster

09 October 2021
Much of the world that we live in has been built or adapted to accommodate cars. Nick Clark investigates how they became such an essential part of capitalism—and asks, in the midst of a climate crisis, whether it’s time to pull them over once and for all

Fossil fuel firms grab huge subsidies to continue destroying the planet

07 October 2021
The fossil fuel industry receives over £8 million in subsidies every minute

Rulers telling green lies in the run up to Cop26

05 October 2021
Boris Johnson is making grand climate promises in the lead up to Cop26.

Why struggle is more important than parliament

02 October 2021
For the Labour left the movements outside of parliament are important but always secondary. Nick Clark explains why the party holds even its most militant members back

Starmer celebrates as left is sidelined at conference

29 September 2021
For Keir Starmer, Labour ­­conference was his chance to prove to MPs and the press he had beaten the left and could make the party “electable.”

Why Cop will fail the planet

28 September 2021
The Cop conference being held in Glasgow next month comes at a crucial juncture in the fight against climate chaos.

Labour faces two ways on climate action, but Starmer rejects radical measures

26 September 2021
Starmer has already insisted Labour will not nationalise any of the “big six” energy companies.

Climate strikers rage at world leaders’ inaction

24 September 2021
Worldwide strikes took place in 99 countries from Finland to Bangladesh, Italy to Sierra Leone.

Climate activists are right to block roads

21 September 2021
The Tories and right wing media have launched huge attacks on the climate action group, Insulate Britain. But Sophie Squire argues that in the face of government inaction and repression it’s right for protests to be disruptive

Letters—Unions should boost climate fight, not back nuclear power

20 September 2021
​​​​​​​I believe the NEU union was wrong to support the GMB’s motion on climate change at this years TUC congress.

A ‘just transition’ to climate jobs is essential

20 September 2021
A “just transition” for ­workers is a phrase that was initially coined by trade unions and taken up by environmental activists and NGOs alike.

Tory Priti Patel gets the ‘decisive’ police action against climate activists she ordered

17 September 2021
Cops arrested almost 50 people on Friday on suspicion of conspiracy to cause a public nuisance.

Letters—Universal Credit cuts will push food banks to the edge

14 September 2021
The reduction in Universal Credit (UC) by £20 a week will force 1.2 million people to skip meals according to a survey conducted by YouGov.

Build protests and strikes for upcoming Cop26 talks

12 September 2021
Cop26 will take place in November to discuss the climate crisis. Sophie Squire speaks to activists who say big and militant mobilisations are the way forward

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