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Why a top banker said sorry to China

Why a top banker said sorry to China JPMorgan Chase boss Jamie Dimon joked about China

After Rittenhouse verdict—‘no justice, no peace’

After Rittenhouse verdict—‘no justice, no peace’ Far right gunman Kyle Rittenhouse was cleared of murder on Friday

The ‘anti-woke’ university will provide a safe haven for bigots

The ‘anti-woke’ university will provide a safe haven for bigots A new US university is building a faculty of bigots

Indonesia’s communist slaughter

Indonesia’s communist slaughter Up to one million communists were murdered in Indonesia in a plot backed by Britain and the US

Disillusion with Biden sees Republicans win shock election victories

Disillusion with Biden sees Republicans win shock election victories A recent national poll found 44 percent strongly disapproved of Biden and only 19 percent strongly approved of the job he was doing.

Competition between states grows sharper

Competition between states grows sharper Boris Johnson is puffing himself up as a world statesman for the Cop26 conference. But the ridiculous squabble with France over fishing rights off British coasts shows the lies behind his posturing.

Biden breaks promises on climate and spending

01 November 2021
Sophie Squire explains how in the run up to Cop26 US president Joe Biden is abandoning some key pledges and toning down others

Is a strike wave beginning across the United States? 

29 October 2021
Thousands of angry and underpaid workers in the US are striking back. Isabel Ringrose asks what is the driving the increased levels of struggle

Four Hours at the Capitol—the strange spectacle of the US far right at large

25 October 2021
New footage reveals some of what went on when Donald Trump supporters stormed the US capitol. It’s a glimpse into the world of the far right

US billionaires grab over two trillion dollars in pandemic

20 October 2021
It’s right to demand wealth taxes on the billionaires—but the system that produces them also has to go. 

Don’t mourn expired war criminal Colin Powell

19 October 2021
The “progressive” and “moderate” face of US mass murderers is dead. Colin Powell, who died on Monday, helped to sell the 2003 invasion of Iraq to the world.

International round up: Floods in Greece and India result of ruined ecosystems

19 October 2021
Devastating damage caused by wildfires in Greece this year has now given way to ­widespread flooding.

It’s right to strike during the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow

18 October 2021
Groups of workers are preparing to strike in Glasgow during the Cop26 international climate ­conference. They are right to do so.

Rising imperialist tensions and war games over Taiwan

17 October 2021
Taiwan, an island about 100 miles east of China, is at the centre of imperialist rivalries.

Marches for abortion rights in the US, and solidarity in Britain

02 October 2021
Tens of thousands of pro-choice activists were set to join 660 separate mobilisations across the US on Saturday.

Join pro-choice march on US embassy in London

28 September 2021
Supporters of a woman’s right to choose on abortion will demonstrate this Saturday in solidarity with protesters in the US opposing vicious attacks on abortion rights in Texas and other states.

A divided Squad is sign of Democrats’ flaws

28 September 2021
Are cracks appearing in the Squad—the group of left Democratic Party members in the US House of Representatives?

International round-up: Revenge raids escalate after prison escape in Palestine

21 September 2021
Israeli soldiers have captured the last two of six Palestinian prisoners who liberated themselves from a high security jail nearly two weeks ago.

Biden ramps up new arms race with China

21 September 2021
Aukus is the agreement by the United States and Britain to supply Australia with the technology to build eight nuclear submarines.

Attica riot 1971—‘We aren’t beasts, we won’t be beaten’

17 September 2021
Fifty years ago prisoners in a US jail exploded in revolt. Sam Ord looks at the resistance—and the state’s revenge

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