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Nursery workers are ‘incensed’ by Tory plans

Nursery workers are ‘incensed’ by Tory plans Early years workers are ­resisting Tory plans to force them into unsafe workplaces.

Workers hold the power

Workers hold the power Those at the top of society tell workers that they have no power. Sadie Robinson looks at recent school stoppages and says that workers can halt the assaults on ordinary people

LETTERS—Keir Starmer blaming the wrong people for Covid-19 spread

LETTERS—Keir Starmer blaming the wrong people for Covid-19 spread In an appearance on TV’s Good Morning Britain last week Keir Starmer voiced his support for emergency legislation to deal with anti-vaxxer campaigns.

Only workers’ action can stop the horror

Only workers’ action can stop the horror Primary school workers have a lesson for Keir Starmer. While they were shutting down unsafe workplaces and forcing Boris Johnson into yet another damning U-turn he was cowering behind the government.

Reports round-up: Parents fought to shut schools

Reports round-up: Parents fought to shut schools More than 5,000 people tuned into a parent meeting about school safety on Monday evening. And 600 people joined the Zoom event, called by Parents For a Safe Return.

Many primary schools shut despite attempts by the Tories to keep them open

Many primary schools shut despite attempts by the Tories to keep them open Large numbers of primary schools across England were closed to most children on Monday as workers refused to return on safety grounds.

Workers send message to Tories—keep all schools shut or we could walk out

03 January 2021
Workers are demanding that all schools should move to online learning for at least two weeks because it is not safe for them to fully reopen

Action needed now to stop Tories’ disastrous Covid-19 policies

20 December 2020
The desperate U-turn by Boris Johnson over coronavirus restrictions highlights the gross failings of the Tories’ handling of the pandemic.

Hackney special school strikers demand improvements for workers and students

17 December 2020
Action continued at Leaways special school in Hackney, with three days of strikes this week.

School closes on health grounds after pressure from union members

16 December 2020
Fighting school by school isn't enough, A stronger national response from unions is needed.

LDE strikers stay strong as they plan six more days of strikes to defend union rep

10 December 2020
NEU union members at the LDE free school in east London struck for a sixth day on Thursday. And they have voted for more strikes because they see the walkouts as their only chance to make the school better for staff and students.

School students slam the plan for exams next year

07 December 2020
The Tories plan more misery for over 700,000 students due to sit GCSEs, A-Levels and other exams despite missing months of education due to coronavirus

Tories push to keep schools open has been disastrous as more shut everyday

04 December 2020
Coronavirus chaos is causing soaring numbers of schools across England to close.

Hackney school strikers fight for their conditions and children’s education

03 December 2020
A militant, lively picket took place on Thursday at Leaways school in Hackney, east London.

LDE school staff strike to demand reinstatement of union rep Sharon Morgan

03 December 2020
Workers at the London Design and Engineering (LDE) free school are taking action to demand the reinstatement of NEU union rep Sharon Morgan.

Letters—Free period products provision in Scotland is a win for women

27 November 2020
This week in Scotland marked a victory for grassroots campaigners who have fought a long battle for free and fair access to menstrual items.

Little Ilford school strikers speak out - ‘You’d think we wanted chandeliers!’

25 November 2020
Some 51 workers at Little Ilford School struck for their fifth day on Wednesday. It is the second day of a three-day strike over unacceptable working conditions and the expansion of the east London school.

‘Our empowering strike has brought people together,’ says East London school striker

12 November 2020
A brilliant turnout of lively, dancing, singing people saw over 50 strikers and supporters gather at Little Ilford School in Manor Park on Thursday morning.

French teachers strike for better virus safety measures

11 November 2020
French teachers struck and demonstrated in large numbers on Tuesday demanding coronavirus safety. But they also raised many other educational demands.

Schools are major spreaders of coronavirus—but Tories keep them open

09 November 2020
The Tories are risking lives by keeping schools and colleges open—and are undermining the latest coronavirus lockdown.

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