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Black Lives matter

After Rittenhouse verdict—‘no justice, no peace’

After Rittenhouse verdict—‘no justice, no peace’ Far right gunman Kyle Rittenhouse was cleared of murder on Friday

Leila Hassan Howe—race, class and struggle

Leila Hassan Howe—race, class and struggle Leila Hassan Howe, a veteran anti‑racist who in 1981 helped organise the famous Black People’s Day of Action march that followed the New CrossFire, spoke to Socialist Worker

Cops still spy on left

Cops still spy on left A police unit in Wales tried to recruit a Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist as an informant—the latest evidence of institutional racism within the police.

What is morality?

What is morality? Our rulers set a moral code for us to live by, while living by a different set of rules themselves. Sam Ord explores what morality means for working class people

Calls for resistance at Stand Up To Racism international conference

Calls for resistance at Stand Up To Racism international conference The two-day online conference began with over 1,600 people registered for workshops and plenaries on fighting racism.

Sickle Cell Disease exposes racial health inequalities

05 October 2021
The announcement of the first new treatment for Sickle Cell Disease for 20 years is good news. But it also tells us a lot about systemic racism in healthcare

Why struggle is more important than parliament

02 October 2021
For the Labour left the movements outside of parliament are important but always secondary. Nick Clark explains why the party holds even its most militant members back

Don’t let Black History Month be tamed

28 September 2021
Has Black History Month become a pale reflection of what it should be?

School exclusions hit Traveller and black students

26 September 2021
 Exclusions are a product of a broken education system obsessed with exams and directed towards a single model of 'success'

Hurricane Katrina—class, race and climate change

31 August 2021
As flash flooding and tornadoes hit the north-east United States, Sophie Squire looks at the lessons from Hurricane Katrina in 2005

State tried to derail Black Lives Matter

24 August 2021
Something of an echo of the establishment panic of the late 1960s is reverberating around the seats of power in Britain and the US.

Ultraviolence—giving voice to victims of killer cops

27 June 2021
Director Ken Fero talks to Socialist Worker about injustice and his new film Ultraviolence

Anti-racists demand Tory MP Drax hands back family’s old slave plantation to people of Barbados

23 June 2021
Anti-racists in Dorset have told their Tory MP—whose family fortune comes from the slave trade—that “it’s time” for justice.

Letters—Why sexual harassment of young women is normalised

15 June 2021
I wasn’t surprised by the latest report describing the scale of sexual harassment faced by young women. No young woman would have been.

Protesters demand that racist statue must fall

14 June 2021
More than 200 ­protesters demanded the removal of a statue of 17th century slaver Robert Geffrye at the Museum of the Home in east London, last Saturday.

Cover-up! How the state helped hide the truth about the murder of Daniel Morgan

13 June 2021
Daniel Morgan was ­murdered beside his car at the back of the Golden Lion pub in Sydenham, south east London, in 1987. He had met his business partner Jonathan Rees for a drink.

A city in revolt, seen through the eyes of its Labour mayor

08 June 2021
This BBC documentary follows mayor Marvin Rees as he faces up to the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s interesting—and infuriating

Resistance gives hope of break from Tory ‘normal’

01 June 2021
Everyone wants to get back to normal. But what does that mean? For most people it means being able to go about daily life without restrictions and without fear of picking up and passing on the virus.

LETTERS—Spirit of anti-racism grows—and my hospital is proof

29 May 2021
Sometimes years of patient work as anti-racists and trade unionists pays off.

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