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Should we destroy polluting infrastructure?

Should we destroy polluting infrastructure? Accelerating climate change means we must look to radical solutions within the climate movement. Author Andreas Malm’s radicalism is welcome but cannot replace a mass workers’ movement, argues Sophie Squire

Extinction Rebellion blockade Amazon over ‘exploitation of people and planet’

Extinction Rebellion blockade Amazon over ‘exploitation of people and planet’ Activists occupied sites in Britain, Germany and the Netherlands

The failure of Cop 26 reflects a system that will take us over the cliff edge

The failure of Cop 26 reflects a system that will take us over the cliff edge Great Thunberg said, 'Here’s a brief summary: Blah, blah, blah'.

Extinction Rebellion disrupts Lord Mayor's parade in London as Cop26 fails

Extinction Rebellion disrupts Lord Mayors parade in London as Cop26 fails The Rise and Rebel action came as the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow ended with a total failure to confront systemic environmental collapse.

20,000 London protesters demand climate action—and thousands march in other cities

20,000 London protesters demand climate action—and thousands march in other cities One protester said, "We can't stay in our living rooms anymore and ignore climate change."

What is morality?

What is morality? Our rulers set a moral code for us to live by, while living by a different set of rules themselves. Sam Ord explores what morality means for working class people

Politicians’ climate promises will only cut carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2050

13 October 2021
World leaders’ plans to limit global carbon emissions will fall 60 percent short of even their wholly inadequate target to reach net zero by 2050.

London’s top cop must go after new insult to women

04 October 2021
Since Metropolitan police officer Wayne Couzens was sentenced for the murder of Sarah Everard, cops have given women ­disgraceful “advice” on how to stay safe.

Tory Priti Patel gets the ‘decisive’ police action against climate activists she ordered

17 September 2021
Cops arrested almost 50 people on Friday on suspicion of conspiracy to cause a public nuisance.

Hundreds on XR march demand an end to climate destruction

04 September 2021
 'We’ve been explicit about the need to rebel against the system, and that it is an emergency,' said one protester

XR protesters slam Tory ‘greenwashing’ as rebellion continues

01 September 2021
Extinction Rebellion (XR) protested outside parliament on Wednesday as the group continued its second week of action.

Rebel against police powers

31 August 2021
After a week of the “Impossible Rebellion” organised by Extinction Rebellion (XR), the police stepped up their repression to crush the climate protests.

Climate activists target the city and the system to demand change

27 August 2021
Extinction Rebellion (XR) took its Impossible Rebellion to the financial centre of Britain on Friday.

Extinction Rebellion on the streets for third day of action

25 August 2021
Activists in Extinction Rebellion (XR) entered their third day of protest on Wednesday as part of the Impossible Rebellion.

Extinction Rebellion hits the streets

23 August 2021
Extinction Rebellion (XR) kicked off their fourth major rebellion on Monday which they have named, "The Impossible Rebellion."

Extinction Rebellion stage action at ExxonMobil oil refinery

19 August 2021
Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists protested on Thursday against major expansion plans at Fawley Refinery in Hampshire, the biggest oil refinery in Britain.

Leaked climate report lays blame on the rich

17 August 2021
A group of ­scientists have leaked their own ­forthcoming report because they think politicians will interfere to blunt their policy recommendations

Be realistic—why we can stop fossil fuel investment

15 August 2021
Stopping investment in fossil fuels immediately can be done—but it takes a break from the priorities of the system to do it

Why it’s right to target the City of London over climate change

14 August 2021
Extinction Rebellion is preparing to launch action against the City of London. Nick Clark investigates how the mysterious district finances climate catastrophe as part of its wider service to the bosses' system

Growing evidence says we’re ‘beyond tipping points’ in climate crisis

29 July 2021
The Earth’s “vital signs” are getting worse because of an “unrelenting business as usual”.

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