By Jack Blackett
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Build a new society on moral foundations in Frostpunk

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Issue 2616
What choices will you make in Frostpunk?
What choices will you make in Frostpunk?

Frostpunk mixes beautifully designed steampunk visuals with a narrative that puts the player in charge of the last humans on Earth.

What sets it apart from similar games is the way that Frostpunk tackles the question of climate change and how society deals with that. And beautiful graphics and art style really compliment it.

The story centres on environmental catastrophe that causes Earth to enter a new ice age.

In the game, the British state makes heat generators and dispatches them into the Arctic Circle, and a convoy of Britain’s last survivors start living there.

In this bleak world of post-ecological collapse, everyone must come together for every scrap of resources. It is only this collective work that means the city will survive.

The needs of the whole colony are taken into consideration—and the player is asked to make choices that may affect characters who are ill or disabled.

Frostpunk is unlike other city-simulator video games. One of the main ways it stands out is how the old class society is completely left behind by survivors.

Instead, the new society is made up of engineers who take care of technical work, while other workers make daily decisions about running the city.

The game centres on tough moral decisions for the player. Would you introduce a 14-hour workday to ensure there’s enough generator fuel?

Frostpunk will force you to answer a series of challenges that may reveal uncomfortable truths about the player.

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