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Cairo, Year One exhibition

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Issue 2312

Egyptian artist Nermine Hammam has her first solo show in Britain opening at the Mosaic Rooms in London today, Friday. Cairo, Year One features images related to last year’s Egyptian Revolution and its aftermath.

Hammam combines painting with digitally manipulated photographs to create her work. The Upekkha series features pictures of Egyptian soldiers from the mass demonstrations in Cairo’s Tahrir Square set against utopian backgrounds.

The Unfolding series was produced a year later and examines the repression meted out against protesters by the authorities. It is Hammam’s response to seeing a young protester die in Tahrir Square.

Nermine Hammam: Cairo Year One is on at the Mosaic Rooms, 226 Cromwell Road, London SW5 0SW until 24 August. Admission is free. Go to for more details

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