By Simon Guy
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Captain America The Winter Soldier

This article is over 10 years, 2 months old
Issue 2397

This sequel grapples with civil liberties, the threat of fascism, drones, and spooks.

After a first film mainly spent fighting Nazis in the Second World War, the second fast forwards to the present day. Our hero is struggling to fit into a world that has left him behind.

The film opens with Cap storming a boat that has been taken over by French “pirates”. But before long he is back fighting fascism. 

This time it has much better weapons, built by the very organisation meant to protect people. When asked “How will I know who the bad guys are, Cap?” he can only reply, “The bad guys are the ones shooting at you.” 

The film is entertaining if you put aside the patriotism and some iffy performances. In particular, Cap’s rival the Winter Soldier is at his most compelling before his face is visible and he has to act.

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