By Julia Richardson
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Don Pasquale hits the road

This article is over 2 years, 7 months old
Issue 2659
Don Pasquales food van
Don Pasquale’s food van

The story hinges on how private property—in this case a kebab van—creates inequality and distorts the relationships between individuals.

Don Pasquale wants to bequeath his wealth to his own, as yet unborn, children.

So he sacks his nephew, Ernesto, knowing this will prevent him being able to marry his love, Norina.

We eventually see Norina taking control of her life and outwitting Pasquale, who is redeemed in the end. We also witness the stench of money and greed distorting people and relationships.

The libretto is translated into English by Daisy Evans—and loses none of the humour and gags along the way.

Don Pasquale finds there are more important things in life than money—and marriage for the sake of preserving your inheritance is no basis for a happy life.


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