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Dude, where’s my futuristic revolution?

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Dude, Where’s My Country?

by Michael Moore

“WHY HAVE we never read a headline ‘3,000 Killed By Multi-Millionaire’? It would be a correct headline, would it not?” writes Michael Moore on Osama Bin Laden, terrorism and 9/11.

He then goes on to discuss the hilarious consequences of his campaign to witch-hunt the multi-millionaires of America.

This is typical of the way he approaches the political questions in the world today—he digs below the surface and turns things on their heads.

There is a great chapter looking at the Bush and Bin Laden families’ business relationships, and the Saudi connection to 9/11.

This is a book for activists. Michael Moore wants to stir us up and get us moving. He does this using a combination of facts and humour without taking his eye off the serious points.


Available from Bookmarks for £15.99 (normally £17.99)


Matrix Revolutions

Directors: Andy and Larry Wachowski

MATRIX REVOLUTIONS is the final film in the Matrix trilogy of films, which chronicle the struggle between humans and intelligent machines.

The first Matrix film was released in 1999 when anti-capitalism burst onto the world stage. Aspects of the Matrix were seen as a metaphor for capitalism—a world controlled by blood-sucking corporations.

The first film was clever and original. It charted the evolution of Neo from a nocturnal hacker into a fighter who other humans saw as the “chosen one” capable of defeating the machines.

Matrix Revolutions is inferior to the others. In the first two films there is a tension between those who see Neo as a supernatural leader and those who argue against such mysticism.

In this film the tension disappears as Neo becomes a fully-fledged messiah.

The film ends with a negotiated settlement, not a revolution.



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