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Great Coats for Goal Posts—an alternative to the First World War celebrations

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Issue 2434

Jimmy Ross and Finlay Allison are among the artists playing at the Philosophy Football/Rich Mix show. Jimmy Ross spoke to Socialist Worker about their set and why the event is being put on. 

“We’re doing this show because it’s important for socialists to push back against First World War celebrations. 

Our set is going to focus on resistance during the First World War. We’ve got a song about the football match that took place on Christmas Day 1914.

But our songs also focus on other instances of resistance, such as Ireland’s Easter Rising against British rule and the Glasgow rent strike of 1915. 

We cover revolutionary figures, such as John McLean in Scotland, and Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht in Germany. 

We’ll be directly commenting on Joss Stone and Jeff Beck, who recorded the British Legion’s official poppy appeal song. 

They covered Eric Bogle’s The Green Fields of France, but deleted the last verse, which includes the line, ‘The killing and dying were all done in vain’. 

In the music video Joss Stone actually dances through the field of poppies by the Tower of London. 

It turns an anti-war song into a ‘It’s a shame they died song’. 

The other thing is the Sainsbury’s advert.

It’s really well made and they clearly spent a lot of money on it. 

But it makes the First World War look attractive—and they are using it to sell chocolate. 

Initially the generals denied the truces, but now it’s moved from denial to incorporation. 

It’s also important to remember that the German revolution ended the war, not a British offensive. 

The event is important as it resists efforts to sanitise war—whether that’s governments or supermarkets trying to use the slaughter to their own ends.” 

Rich Mix, London E1 6LA
7pm, 20 December
Tickets £10

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