By Sophie Squire
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I Blame Society—how to make a killing in a sexist industry

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Issue 2751
Tools of the trade—Gillian Wallace Horvat stars as Gillian Wallace Horvat in I Blame Society
Tools of the trade—Gillian Wallace Horvat stars as Gillian Wallace Horvat in I Blame Society

I Blame Society is a mockumentary about film industry sexism with a dose of serial murder dropped in.

The story follows a struggling director, Gillian Wallace Horvat—played by the film’s actual director Gillian Wallace Horvat—as she tries to push the limits and make a film she can be proud of.

Prompted by two friends telling her that she would make a “great murderer” she begins a project about how to commit the perfect killing. But instead of using actors, Gillian begins to murder real people.

Behind the bloodshed the film brilliantly examines the experiences of women either working in the film industry or attempting to break into it.

Gillian’s boyfriend comes home complaining about having to take orders from a female director who apparently asks the opinion of the crew too much.

And in another scene a male screenwriting duo asks Gillian to put her name to a project to increase its diversity while being completely uninterested in her ideas or writing.

Happily most woman filmmakers aren’t pushed to commit serial murder because of industry sexism. But this film shows just how full of rage many women will be because of it.

It also subverts some interesting assumptions about women’s role in society, especially in the arts and culture.

Men are often the ones who are described as suffering or pushing the limits for art.

So it is interesting to see a portrayal of a woman who pushes even farther than any of them.

The concept of this film is incredibly impressive and ambitious, and the plot is intricate and unpredictable. But unfortunately it  suffers at times from feeling unpolished which can be distracting.

But it’s clear the film is trying to say that we live in a sexist system that pushes people to extreme lengths in search of success. And for that I blame society.

I Blame Society is available on digital platforms from 19 April


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