By Tim Knight-Hughes
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Kiss the Ground—documentary delivers climate change hope

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Issue 2727
Kiss the Ground
Kiss the Ground

“The Truth is, I had given up.”

Woody Harrelson sums up the feelings of many about climate change. 

But there is hope at hand with this new documentary which argues we can reverse the effects and undo the damage done to Earths soil.

The way capitalism is feeding us in undermining the ecology of life. 

We have lost one third of the planet’s top soil and the rest will be gone within 60 harvests according to the UN.

After Second World War new techniques were introduced. Deadly chemicals were repurposed to grow crops alongside heavy tilling and monocultures. Initially they provided bumper crops. 

But today the use of chemicals is masking the damage done to the soil. This is bad because damaged soils release more carbon into the atmosphere. 

Regenerative farming can reverse this. Stopping the chemicals, growing a variety of plants all year round and reintroducing grazing cattle creates healthy soil. 

It acts like a natural carbon capture and storage.

By offering solutions, this documentary is a must watch. It breaks with the narrative of blaming the world’s population. 

Instead, capitalist agriculture is in the dock. It’s shot in a colourful manner and makes the science of biodiversity accessible.

There are issues. Fossil fuels are downplayed. Capitalism is not mentioned and a radical change in agriculture is not going to be brought about through a few reforms.

But to focus on these shortcomings is a mistake. 

The real message is one of hope for billions of people. It illustrates beautifully that the fate of ourselves and the planet is in our hands.

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