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Sue Perkins documentary shows the lives behind the border wall 

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Issue 2723
Perkins is on a mission
Sue Perkins explores the border

Comedian Sue Perkins travels the length of the Mexico-US border. She finds out about the lives of people on both sides.

Perkins meets Honduran migrants who want to enter the US, but are unable to cross the border. 

They describe their long, difficult journeys to get there.

Then there’s the family separated by the border who can only speak to each other through the fence in the city’s Friendship Park.

It’s contrasted with the US citizens who retire to Mexico—and ignore Mexican immigration laws—with ease.

Over on the US side of the border, Perkins spends a day with sheriff Mark Lamb. 

He patrols the desert with an assault rifle searching for people trying to cross the border on foot. Lamb says that Mexican drug cartels charge migrants to cross the border, then make them carry incredibly heavy packs of drugs on their backs.

The cartels are exploiting human life. But he adds that migrants “feel hope” and “feel free” when they arrive. 

But it’s his job to stop them. 

Perkins is taken in by it.

“There’s certainly no easy answer,” she says. But none of it would be a problem if people could cross freely.

Sue Perkins: Along the US-Mexico Border
Channel4 and online at 4OD


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