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The Paris Commune brought to life

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Issue 2516
Graphic Novels are great at capturing the excitement and confusion that lead to revolts
Graphic Novels are great at capturing the excitement and confusion that lead to revolts

This graphic novel tells the real-life story of revolutionary and anarchist Louise Michel.

Beginning in Paris, it shows how school teacher Michel fought on the barricades of the Paris Commune of 1871.

The Commune was crushed and thousands of Communards were massacred at the hands of the French state.

Michel escaped execution. But she and others were exiled to the penal colony New Caledonia in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The novel tells how Michel and her fellow exiles joined the indigenous population there in revolt against French rule.

The story is told in mostly black, white and grey. But shades of red here and there pick out the scarf on Michel’s neck, the flags on the barricades, and the blood on the streets.

The tale ends with Michel’s funeral on 22 January 1905—but the struggle goes on.

As the novel shows, that same day hundreds of demonstrators were killed in Russia—and the 1905 revolution began.

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The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia by Mary M Talbot and Bryan Talbot. Cape, £16.99

The Killing$ of Tony Blair

George Galloway told an audience in Bradford that his film, The Killing$ of Tony Blair, would make them angry and it would make them cry. He was right.

Blair’s “killings” are the murder of the Labour Party and of one million Iraqis.

Then there’s the killing Blair has made hawking himself around despots and dictators since he left office.

There are some laughs. But the film pulls no punches. Former establishment figures line up to insist that Britain joined the invasion of Iraq based on a pack of lies.

The film then accuses Blair of using his position of Middle East envoy to feather his own nest.

The last part of the film makes a point that politicians have worked very hard to silence—that the invasion of Iraq led directly to the formation of Isis.

It’s not clear whether the film will go on general release. If not, everyone should try and seek out it out.

Dave Ramsden

Produced by George Galloway On DVD. Go to



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