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Trump Takes On the World gives an insight into how he ruled

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The second episode of Trump Takes On the World airs this week. It’s a glimpse inside the ruthless workings of US imperialism, writes Sam Ord
Issue 2742
Donald Trump and his son in law Jared Kushner (left) wanted to force a deal onto Palestinians
Donald Trump and his son in law Jared Kushner (left) wanted to force a deal onto Palestinians (Pic: Max Goldberg/Wikimedia)

Trump Takes On the World is a fascinating documentary that offers us insight into the dangerous mind of the former US president.

The three-part series features some of Trump’s biggest and most significant decisions—as well as the chaos and the “business approach” to politics.

The documentary spotlights how Trump tried to manage the US’s imperial interests across the world, and his fractious relationship with other Western countries.

There’s little political analysis. But interviews and footage give an insight into the workings of those at the top.

The first part, which aired last week, focuses on Trump’s relationship with European governments after he ditched the Paris climate change agreement.

The documentary shows developing relationships between Trump and then prime minister Theresa May. French president Emmanuel Macron and German chancellor Angela Merkel line up against them.

Forever putting “America First” and “Keeping America great” shook the European leaders as they saw cooperation with the US begin to wither.

The second episode, which aired shortly after Socialist Worker went to press, follows Trump’s scheming in the Middle East.

Trump is revealed as a warmonger. After Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is accused of using chemical weapons, Trump responds quickly, “I want him taken out.”

He was then told by then deputy national security adviser, K T McFarland, “You can’t do that, it’s an act of war.”

It’s just one example of how Trump tried to reassert forcefully the US’s control over the Middle East.

Trump’s “deal of the century”, touted as a peace deal between Israel and Palestinians, was actually an attempt to solidify Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

The documentary features the head of the Palestine Liberation Organisation mission to the US, Husam Zomlot.

He points out that the Palestinian Authority never signed up to the deal. Newly appointed Jared Kushner, who was tasked with asserting Israel’s dominance under the guise of “peace talks”, wasn’t interested in what the Palestinians wanted.

We might not like to look back on Trump’s rule. But this documentary tells us a lot about how he did it—and in doing so, tells us something about the US too.

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