By Charlie Kimber
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Banana Republic UK?

This article is over 10 years, 6 months old
Sam Buckley
Issue 366

From Egypt to Wall Street protesters are demanding real democracy, not the fake version presently on offer.

So why should we bother with a book exposing the failings of the British postal vote system? Firstly because we should never allow the authorities to steal the votes that working people fought for. Secondly because the evidence is shocking. Buckley forensically and wittily reveals vote rigging on an industrial scale by all the major parties. Police regarded it as an irritant when they were told about it, dubbing one investigation “Operation Gripe”. The vote stealing Buckley describes would lead the judges to declare any strike ballot illegal if the same happened, but it’s OK when it’s “British democracy”.

Banana Republic UK? is published by Createspace, £5.80

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