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Between the Battle Lines

This article is over 18 years, 8 months old
Britain involved in Guantanamo detentions? - US troops demoralised? - Military decorations
Issue 280

Is New Labour illegally incarcerating ‘enemy combatants’? That is the question Tam Dalyell MP put to the government after the Washington Post and Time magazine reported that the British island of Diego Garcia was being used by the US government to hold ‘Al Qaida suspects’ and Iraqi prisoners en route to Guantanamo Bay. Meanwhile the former inhabitants, evicted 30 years ago for the benefit of the US military, are still refused entry on ‘security grounds’.

George Bush’s much-vaunted love of freedom was in evidence once again when he held a pep rally in a giant aircraft hangar with troops from Fort Carson. The press guidelines were: ‘No talking to the troops before the rally. No talking to the troops during the rally. No talking to the troops after the rally.’ So, no problems with morale then?

The Ministry of Defence has applied to register the trademark ‘British Army’ for Xmas decorations. Presumably we can expect cluster bomb shaped baubles in the near future…

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