By Macabe Steffen
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Firing on the Home Front

This article is over 19 years, 11 months old
Beijing is increasing its crackdown on Muslim separatists in the name of the global 'war against terrorism'.
Issue 260

Socialists should denounce the Chinese government and support independence efforts calling for a division of China. We live under the illusion that the Chinese state, ruled by the Beijing government, is an inseparable and homogenous entity. Even Chinese democracy activists and dissidents take the borders of China as an indivisible given. This is ruling class ideology serve*d up on the Chinese Communist Party’s silver platter.

Fortunately anti-Beijing movements flourish in parts of China, demanding to break away from the control of the CCP and establish their own independent states. The strongest movements are in Xinjiang, the westernmost province in China, which shares a border with Afghanistan and other Muslim areas in the south.

China has officially executed 25 Muslim activists this year, and scores more wait on death row. These Muslim ethnic minorities in China are ethnic majorities in their regions and subject to Beijing’s apartheid-like oppression. All the good jobs and all senior government posts in their regions go to the Chinese. Condemnation by human rights groups has now been muffled by Beijing labelling them terrorists. It has even said that hundreds of the Muslims have received training from the Taliban and several of them are among Taliban fighters captured in Afghanistan.

The CCP in the 1920s–when it maintained a true revolutionary line before Mao came to power – called for the independence of minority regions including Xinjiang, Tibet and Mongolia. The about face comes as no surprise from a ruling class, but socialists should call once again for the self determination of the minority regions and the permanent division of China.

Macabe Steffen

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