By Simon Hester
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The lie Detector

This article is over 21 years, 3 months old
Your 'Alternative Dossier', (October SR) was a welcome demolition of the half-truths, fabrications and downright lies being used to justify slaughter in Iraq. It is essential we expose the hypocrisy of the warmongers at every opportunity.
Issue 268

A key plank of the allegations is that Iraq is ‘within six months’ of the ability to build and deliver nuclear weapons. It is surreal how Iraq has supposedly been ‘within six months’ of delivering a nuclear bomb–for at least the last ten years! This accusation is even more bizarre when you consider an event that Blair and Bush would be happy for us to forget. During the 1970s Iraq built a nuclear power station (despite having plentiful supplies of oil). In the wake of the 1979 Iranian Revolution its military significance was hard to ignore. Saddam Hussein’s bid to become the new regional military power was backed by the west but not by Israel, who jealously guarded their own claim to the role. In a daring and outrageous military attack Israeli planes bombed Iraq’s nuclear power station in 1981. I suspect Tony Blair as a youthful supporter of CND was suitably outraged by this blatantly aggressive act.

How times change. Saddam was the west’s protege, but now he is weak and a suitable target for western imperialism. Bush and Blair try to disguise their lust for war and the blood of Arab innocents with a bottomless pit of hypocrisy and lies. We will not be fooled.

Simon Hester

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