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Mexico’s Revolution

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James D Cockcroft
Issue 357

This book will teach you a lot about Mexico. In particular, it will teach you about decades of struggle and resistance by a diverse and courageous popular movement which has used the tactics of strikes, occupations, popular assemblies, hunger strikes, mobilisations and full-scale uprisings.

It will also teach you about the vicious power of the Mexican elites: the landlords and capitalists with their corrupt and violent politicians and military inextricably linked to foreign companies and drug barons.

The Mexican situation can only be understood in the context of imperialism. Cockcroft exposes the militarisation of the North American Free Trade Agreement area, in which neoliberal economics and military intervention fuse to protect and extend imperialist interests from the Rio Grande down into South America. He also covers the struggle of Mexicans in the US, where worsening attacks have led to organised resistance.

Cockcroft bases his analysis in the context of Mexico’s history since the revolutionary years of 1910-17 and in the traditions of Mexico’s fighting workers of countryside and town.

The book is a penetrating analysis of Mexico’s economic development, political history and culture. Cockcroft ends it by saying, “People know that they have to replace the fear that the current government has generated with the antithesis of fear: audacity.” Now, where’ve we seen that before?

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