By João Aguiar
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This article is over 16 years, 11 months old
I am a Portuguese Marxist and I started to read Socialist Review a few issues ago.
Issue 293

I am impressed with the good quality of the magazine, in terms of writing. In the December issue there were good articles, like ‘On the Road to Salvation’ by Neil Davidson, and the interview with Robert Fisk gave an excellent account of what imperialism has done (and still does) in Iraq. Chris Harman is also a Marxist thinker that I enjoy reading.

Despite all this, I think that Socialist Review should publish articles concerning the ways that we can aggregate workers in a big and revolutionary movement towards socialism; the core elements of capitalist contradictions (tendency of the rate of profit to fall, the importance of automation in the growth of the organic composition of capital); developing (or at least trying to develop) a transitional programme that contemplates the concrete problems of workers; and the need to extend this kind of struggle to a socialist horizon. I could suggest much more, but these are a few notes that all socialists may have in mind in order to free humankind from the oppression of capitalism.

João Aguiar
Porto, Portugal

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