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Issue 456

Free nightly concerts from Budapest Orchestra’s Quarantine Soirees. Nightly recitals including Beethoven, Hadyn and Schubert

Artists doing free concerts … Pink, Billie Eilish, Mariah Carey, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, Alicia Keys and many more

The Montreux Jazz Festival backlog is available for free with legends Ray Charles, Wu-Tang Clan, Johnny Cash, Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Deep Purple and Carlos Santana.

Chicago Underground Quartet avant guard jazz trio have released Good Days, their new album. Not for the fainthearted.

The Orb’s Abolition of the Royal Familia is a collaboration with the legendary Don Lets and the Mad Professor.

Dua Lupa’s new album Future Nostalgia has received critical acclaim. The London-born artist of Kosovan refugees, she made headlines with her challenge to toxic male behaviour.

Ama Lou has created a buzz with her new track Far Out. She has a distinct style blending urban soul, jazz and delicate lyrics.

Covid-19 claimed the life of legendary saxophonist Manu Dibango, aged 86. He fused jazz, funk with traditional music. Check out his music on Spotify.

Necroscape by Tetema. Mike Patton is one of the most prolific artists in underground music. Making his name in the offbeat metal outfit Faith No More. His latest project alongside composer Anthony Pateras might seem forbidding but is endlessly rewarding. The eerie ghost spaces of Milked Out Million sit alongside bracing industrial blasts such as the outstanding Soliloquy. Patton’s voice-is on sublime display, fulsomely sinister one moment, smoothly beguiling the next.

Heavy Light by U.S. Girls “But it’s just a man’s world, we just breed here”— so goes the choir-sung refrain in It’s A Man’s World. The seventh album by Meg Remy, it is a sumptuous decompression from her earlier, angrier sound, but arguably no less effective. Rhythmic, swirling and pensive, the new direction in sound belies the serious punch packed in subject matter. On 4 American Dollars it packages an anti-capitalist message in the Martin Luther King quote: “You gotta have boots/If you wanna lift those bootstraps.” Remy co-wrote with Basia Bulat and Rich Morel balancing orchestral percussion with a multitude of vocal backing, Remy cast as lead. In IOU, she muses that no one asks to be born; in Advice to Teenage Self and in The Most Hurtful Thing, a collage of spoken word describes the gut-wrenching trauma, contributions from the album’s artists. Remy’s re-purposes pop for a musing on personal and collective trauma, the toll humankind is having on the earth and the path we must find to healing.

On the Radar, Everything is Beautiful / Everything Sucks by Princess Nokia. Double album from New York rapper plays with nuance in identity and uncertainty in our times to offer two samples of her aural headspace.

Thumb World by Pictish Trail Isle of Eigg resident Johnny Lynch follows debut Future Echoes with electro-acoustic psych-pop which is life-affirming, funny and beautiful

Foreigner by Jordan MacKampa. This catchy, samba-inflected debut explores identity, racism and gender.

Bob Dylan has released Murder Most Foul — a 17 minute ballad about the assassination of John F Kennedy in 1963.

… and finally as many of us will have time on our hands now is the chance to listen to the 45-hour recording of Karl Marx Capital Volume One. Narrated by Derek Le Page.

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