By John Kennedy
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The Terms on Which Terror Takes Place

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Thanks to Socialist Review for your article 'Who are Al Qaida?' (April SR).
Issue 285

It seems to me that even most of the media have swallowed whole a myth of Al Qaida concocted by those responsible for the ‘war on terror’. While striving to link every incident of resistance to US domination of the Islamic world to one organisation, no questions are ever seriously asked about what this organisation is.

The fact is that even the terrorism experts say Al Qaida is not an organisation as such, but a collection of independent Islamist groups which share an ideology but no actual organisational links.

In other words, there is no such thing as Al Qaida, at least not as it is portrayed by the axis of liars in Washington and London and their media mouthpieces. So why are we blowing the hell out of the Afghan-Pakistani border in search of people who matter very little to the course of events?

Of course a nice show trial before the November election would help Bush’s flagging poll numbers, and we should never rule out the possibility that the boys in charge of the Pentagon are just plain morons who don’t understand the war they’re fighting (it’s happened before). But the most important reason Al Qaida has to be there is that without it Bush and Blair would have to admit that they are creating the hatred and hostility which drives people to resist them, and that until the injustices the west has inflicted on the Islamic world for the last two centuries are addressed (Palestine at the top of the list), the war and resistance will never end.

John Kennedy

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