Subs: help fund the resistance

Last year saw the deepening of the global crisis of capitalism. Even after the IPCC report sounded code red for humanity, COP26 failed to present solutions to the accelerating ecological catastrophe. The new Covid variant Omicron has dashed hopes that vaccination in rich countries would be enough to stop the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, governments continue to resort to the racist politics of divide and rule as a response to the crisis.

Amid the horror, there are reasons to be hopeful. We have seen inspiring resistance in the form of the resurgence of the climate movement to demand justice, ongoing solidarity with refugees and new strikes against attacks by employers.

A process of radicalisation is leading people all over the world to question the capitalist system and look to radical alternatives.

The audience for socialist ideas is growing. And the need to build and sustain a revolutionary socialist organisation that can respond to these questions, analyse events and put forward strategies to win is becoming ever more urgent.

The SWP will seize every opportunity to raise the level of resistance against the Tories and turn up the heat. We will help drive radical arguments into the climate movement and push back against the Tories’ racist offensive against migrants and refugees. We will build solidarity with strikes and be part of a fightback against any form of oppression.

None of our work is possible without our members and local SWP branches, supported politically and with practical resources by the National Office.

The money the party needs to do all this comes from members like you, mainly through the payment of monthly subs by direct debit. Every member of the SWP is asked to contribute based on what they can afford.

We are asking all comrades to fill in this Subs Drive form below so we can update and change any details and to do the following regarding their membership subs:

  • If you are paying by direct debit – could you increase your subs by £5?
  • If you are working full time and currently pay less than £25 a month – could you make a bigger increase?

Every pound you pay will go towards building a stronger revolutionary left in Britain, able to have a bigger impact on the battles and arguments to come.

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