Wigan SWP Branch Meeting

After Galloway – what sort of left do we need to challenge labour?

Thursday 18 Apr 2024 07:00pm at Book-Cycle, Wigan-WN6 7PQ.
Add Event To Calendar 20240418 07:00 PM Europe/London After Galloway – what sort of left do we need to challenge labour? Book-Cycle, Wigan-WN6 7PQ.
Starmer and Sunak walking together in Parliament, amid Labour racism

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Tories out, don't trust Starmer - Palestine, the left, and the election

The Tories are likely to be completely trounced at the general election in five weeks’ time. But it’s clear we would have to fight Starmer from day one. And the election will see a range of progressive ‘independents’ standing, including Jeremy Corbyn.

So who do we vote for?

Is who we vote for the most important question? How can we sustain resistance for Gaza in the run-up to the election?

Can we push the union leaders to step up strikes and protests, rather than holding them back in the false belief that resistance helps the Tories? How best to fight the inevitably racist campaign the Tories will wage, and Labour will likely bend to?

How do we organise to fight under a Labour government?