London: Hackney SWP Branch Meeting

France – Le Pen, fascism, and the popular front

Thursday 11 Jul 2024 07:30pm at Halkevi Community Centre, London-E8 3DF.
Add Event To Calendar 20240711 07:30 PM Europe/London France – Le Pen, fascism, and the popular front Halkevi Community Centre, London-E8 3DF.
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Marine Le Pen's front for fascism

Fascists on the rise in France - Le Pen, the RN, and the Popular Front

France’s New Popular Front (NPF) is showing that it is fully immersed in an old and failed set of politics.

The left wing coalition has withdrawn candidates running against vile and reactionary government figures in the second round of France’s elections.

The excuse is that this is worthwhile and necessary to block candidates of the fascist RN party. But the result will be to rehabilitate proven enemies of the working class from president Emmanuel Macron’s neoliberal and repressive regime. This will lay the basis for a further surge of fascist support.

The NPF is supporting precisely those who smoothed the path for fascist leaders Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella.

Nobody should trivialise the threat from the RN, or the importance of defeating it. Everyone has to fight for “Not a single vote to the RN”,

But the left should by now have realised that Macron’s onslaught against migrants and Muslims, the relentless removal of rights, and support for the cops’ savagery legitimised Le Pen’s views.