York & Scarborough SWP Branch Meeting

Ireland s revolutionary tradition

Wednesday 18 May 2016 08:00pm at Venue To Be Confirmed, Please check back later.
Add Event To Calendar 20160518 08:00 PM Europe/London Ireland s revolutionary tradition Venue To Be Confirmed, Please check back later.
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Omicron, corruption and crisis – how do we get rid of the Tories?

Boris Johnson’s government is mired in chaos and corruption. His handling of the pandemic has put the NHS under unprecedented pressure and hundreds of thousands are sick with the new variant. Revelations that there were parties at 10 Downing street while the rest of the country was in lockdown shows that the Tories think they are above the law.
Yet Boris goes on – mostly because Keir Starmer is so ineffective. These meetings will discuss how we can kick out the Tories and fight for a society where profit doesn’t come before people, and an end to corrupt businessmen and politicians.