London: Waltham Forest SWP Branch Meeting

Islamism – A Marxist analysis

Wednesday 19 Jun 2024 07:30pm at William Morris Community Centre, London-E17 6QQ.
Add Event To Calendar 20240619 07:30 PM Europe/London Islamism – A Marxist analysis William Morris Community Centre, London-E17 6QQ.

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Why You Should be a Socialist - The Case for Revolution

Gathering climate catastrophe. Spiraling inequality. The spread of war. Western backing for genocide. Capitalism can’t offer a decent future for billions of people – or perhaps any future at all. What’s the solution? Parliamentary politics has failed. We need radical answers. We urgently need a different kind of society, where people come before profit.

Is revolution possible? Why does parliament and Labour fail? Is human nature an insurmountable barrier to socialism? What went wrong in Russia? What kind of socialist organisation do we need?