Newcastle SWP Branch Meeting

No climate justice on occupied land – Palestine, climate and imperialism

Wednesday 21 Feb 2024 07:00pm at DiverCity Hub- NE4 5QU.
Add Event To Calendar 20240221 07:00 PM Europe/London No climate justice on occupied land – Palestine, climate and imperialism DiverCity Hub- NE4 5QU.

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The Radical Tradition of International Womens Day

Smashing the Sexist System

Sexism is a part of everyday life. We live in a world that has women’s oppression at its heart, sexism is entrenched in the system.

In recent years the rise of figures such as Andrew Tate, online hate spheres and Incel communities has led to a rise in misogyny. We’ve seen the biggest attack on women’s reproductive rights with the overturning of Roe vs. Wade in the United States.

In Britain, we are faced with a police force ridden with sexism and predators and Tory austerity measures make ordinary women’s lives harder everyday.

Women across the world also suffer at the hands of brutal imperialist wars. Whether in Palestine or Ukraine. Of the 22,000 Palestinians murdered by Israeli bombs – the majority are women and children.

It is clear we face attacks on all fronts. But we have also seen women fighting back. On picket lines to protests – working class women are resisting this rotten system. Join us for an afternoon of talks discussing the sexism women face, where it comes from and most importantly how we can smash the current sexist system and win a world free of oppression.

All are welcome.