Southend SWP Branch Meeting

Racism and refugees – why we say no borders

Thursday 14 Sep 2023 07:30pm at Ambleside Social Club-SS1 2UP.

ZOOM meeting ID: 886-8852-6795 | Password: 96753

Add Event To Calendar 20230914 07:30 PM Europe/London Racism and refugees – why we say no borders

ZOOM meeting ID: 886-8852-6795 | Password: 96753

Ambleside Social Club-SS1 2UP.
Several protesters gather in Parliament Square, central London

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Farage and Reform UK - resisting the new racist right in Britain

Reform UK grabbed five seats and well over four million votes—14.3 percent of the total—at the general election. It’s the first time the far right has had a group in parliament. The vote is similar to the one grabbed by the Ukip party in the 2015 election.

Farage spots the chance to profit as the working class see attacks on their pay and benefits, a continuing crisis in the NHS, bad and ruinously expensive housing and a shrinking future for their children.

As Labour lets people down, Farage will say their problem is too many migrants, small boats coming across the Channel and a loss of national pride.

Farage, while not a fascist himself, certainly flirts with fascist ideas. This legitimises and gives confidence to those who want to spread the politics of hate on the streets.

In a similar way to Donald Trump, Farage paints himself as anti-establishment and on the side of “the little guy”. But Farage isn’t a “man of the people”. He went to public school. He’s a millionaire stock trader whose interests lie in enriching himself and his cronies.

A group of nasty Reform UK bigots in the Commons makes those who hate Muslims, refugees and migrants think they have a voice where it matters.

It seems to legitimise people’s hate, and makes it even more important that when racists and fascists mobilise on our streets, we claim them back.

Starmer and his cohorts aren’t interested in raising class politics. So their criticism of Reform UK comes simply from a liberal place where everyone should just get along with each other.

Instead we need consistent anti-racism and socialist politics that point at our real enemies—the rich, the corporations and the politicians who support them and the capitalist system.