Derby SWP Branch Meeting

The Radical Jewish Tradition

Wednesday 24 Apr 2024 07:00pm at West End Community Centre, Derby-DE22 3BL.

ZOOM meeting ID: 535-864-6840 | Password: 967537

Add Event To Calendar 20240424 07:00 PM Europe/London The Radical Jewish Tradition

ZOOM meeting ID: 535-864-6840 | Password: 967537

West End Community Centre, Derby-DE22 3BL.

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Migration, racism and the state

Rwanda flights and raids

💥Two weeks ago the Tories started rounding up refugees, throwing them into vans and taking them to detention centres, ready to be flown to Rwanda, east Africa. The first deportation flight to Rwanda is set to take off within weeks.

💥The Tories racism has become fully exposed as we came up to the local and London mayoral elections, and head towards the general election this year. It marks a foul escalation in the Tories’ racist attacks. After fleeing poverty, repression, war and climate emergencies, refugees arrive in Britain to face hostility and racism from the British state – this includes Palestinian refugees, 2 were detained locally at Lunar House in Croydon.

💥It’s systemic and deliberate. The Tories are again playing with people’s lives in an attempt to win votes. Labour’s opposition is anything but anti-racist, themselves proposing a fast track deportation system. We need mass protests, pickets and direct action to stop these detentions and deportations.

💥Join our meetings to discuss the implications with this Tory assault on our communities and how we can link the struggles and build a fightback to win! ✊🏾✊🏽✊�