Cambridge SWP Branch Meeting

Why Trotsky matters today

Wednesday 20 Sep 2023 07:00pm at Friends Meeting House, Cambridge-CB5 8BA.

 ZOOM meeting ID: 681-800-4408 | Password: 967537

Add Event To Calendar 20230920 07:00 PM Europe/London Why Trotsky matters today

 ZOOM meeting ID: 681-800-4408 | Password: 967537

Friends Meeting House, Cambridge-CB5 8BA.
Leon Trotsky: Workers can make revolution permanent

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Terror in Gaza...How can Palestine be free?

Israel is launching a brutal attack on Gaza, in what many are calling a “second Nakba”.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians are being killed, over a million have been displaced, forced to flee and are facing Israeli terror. All this is being done with the support of the West, including politicians like Keir Starmer.

Palestinians are right to resist. The 75 years that have passed since the first Nakba have seen constant occupation, apartheid and brutalisation of Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli state.

It is crucial in Britain that we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance. But we have to ask the question – how can Palestine be free?

We are holding meetings across the country every week on how we can build solidarity in Britain, why Palestinians are right to resist and what revolutionary strategy for Palestinian liberation looks like.

All welcome.