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How Britain sells tear gas to dictators

How Britain sells tear gas to dictators The British government has authorised sales of tear gas to several repressive states over more than a decade, new research reveals.

A long way from Vietnam

A long way from Vietnam In A Long Way From Vietnam, BBC journalist Nga Pham looks at why Vietnamese migration is the second highest in Britain.

Solidarity with the revolutionaries in Syria

Solidarity with the revolutionaries in Syria Socialists in Syria are warning that the regime of the ruler Bashar al-Assad is trying to crush the last centres of revolutionary resistance.

West’s Afghan failures led to reborn Taliban

West’s Afghan failures led to reborn Taliban When the West invaded Afghanistan some two ¬decades ago, their cheerleaders in the media earnestly claimed the regime change would bring with it liberal progress.

The defeat of the West’s Afghanistan war

The defeat of the West’s Afghanistan war After 20 years, at least a ­quarter of a million killings and trillions of pounds spent on military assaults, the Taliban has overthrown the Western-backed government in Afghanistan.

Hope and danger a year after Beirut blast

Hope and danger a year after Beirut blast The days surrounding the one-year anniversary of Beirut’s port blast saw examples of unity against the ruling class alongside the danger of sectarian divisions.

Tunisia protests trigger a crisis

26 July 2021
Tunisia’s president sacked the country’s ­government after ­protests over poverty, unemployment and a spike in Covid-19 cases.

The Israeli state sells spyware to boost power

20 July 2021
Israel is very proud of its tech industry. So it can’t pretend it has nothing to do with the use of Israeli hacking software.

Urgent solidarity needed with Egyptian socialist on prison hunger strike

14 July 2021
Activists are appealing for solidarity with imprisoned Egyptian socialist and journalist Hisham Fouad after he launched a hunger strike.

Afghanistan—a bloody failure for US imperialism

05 July 2021
With the last US troops set to leave Afghanistan, Socialist Worker looks at how president Joe Biden is dealing with their defeat

Palestine—is one state possible?

27 June 2021
The idea of a single-state solution in Palestine is gaining traction, but some say that ‘old hatreds’ make this impossible. Nick Clark argues that resistance can break the hold of reactionary ideas and lead to a Palestinian state

US drives up pressure on Iran after election

21 June 2021
Iran’s presidential election has the US and Israel rallying their allies in the Middle East, reports Nick Clark

Thousands march for Palestine in London as the G7 meets

12 June 2021
Around 8,000 protesters joined a rally outside Downing Street on Saturday to demand freedom for Palestine.

US dockers and campaigners block Israeli ship in solidarity with Palestine

05 June 2021
One activist said the action sent 'a clear message that Zionism, racism, apartheid and the occupation of Palestine will be met with resistance'

Israel’s strategy fuels resistance

25 May 2021
There was never any doubt that the giant Israeli military machine could inflict terrible death and devastation on Gaza.

Israeli cops bring home war against Palestine

24 May 2021
Israel makes it clear that it will try to crush Palestinian resistance after ceasefire says Nick Clark

Why did Biden call on Israel to move to a ceasefire?

23 May 2021
His move was not about preserving Palestinian lives. It was to do with an assessment of the resistance to Israel and satisfying US allies.

Ceasefire is no victory for Israel, but more resistance is needed

21 May 2021
Israel has declared an end to its latest devastating assault on the Gaza Strip—but its siege and war on Palestinians will continue.

Palestine activists take direct action against Israeli war machine

19 May 2021
Palestine Action said, 'Activists have taken direct action in response to Elbit’s funneling of arms to the Israeli occupation force, which is using them to commit war crimes in Gaza'.

Strike call in Palestine is a new challenge to Israeli state

18 May 2021
Palestinian campaigns and organisations have called for a general strike across all of Palestine to take place on Tuesday.

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