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Right gains in Austrian election are a warning to anti-racists

17 October 2017
The Austrian general election was a further warning of the danger of the far right.

Austrian Tories open the door to the fascists

15 October 2017
The elections in Austria have shown a sharp move to the right. They are a further warning of the danger of the far right exploiting the bitterness in society.

Tories’ racist agenda in Austria has boosted the fascist Freedom Party

10 October 2017
Austrian parliamentary elections on Sunday could see the fascist Freedom Party return to government as part of a right wing coalition.

Anti-fascist movement stops Nazi election win for Norbert Hofer in Austria

06 December 2016
Nazi Norbert Hofer failed to win in a re-run of the Austrian presidential election, writes Sadie Robinson

Nazi Norbert Hofer could win Austrian presidency in election re-run

29 November 2016
As Austria’s rulers make peace with the fascists ahead of a presidential election, only militant opposition on the streets will push back the threat

Fascist presidential candidate's narrow defeat sends warning from Austria

23 May 2016
Norbert Hofer of the fascist Freedom Party (FPO) came within a few thousand votes of becoming Austria’s president in Sunday’s election.

Austrians vote Nazi into pole position

26 April 2016
Presidential election results has shaken Austrian politics to the core. In the first round the fascist candidate Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party came first with over 35 percent of the vote.

Protests in Austria as government sends troops to keep out refugees

21 January 2016
Protesters took to the streets yesterday, Wednesday, as Austria’s government began a new clampdown on refugees’ freedom of movement.

The Austrian government is putting up fences while children freeze

03 November 2015
Anger is growing at the Austria’s “razor wire minister” as winter deepens the plight of refugees, reports David Albrich

Migrants across Europe defy cops and racist rules as rebellious mood spreads

08 September 2015
The refugees shut out to die by Fortress Europe have refused to go quietly. Borders were temporarily opened last week as anti-migrant governments tried and failed to hold them back.

Austrian anti-fascists need funds to stop Freedom Party silencing them

20 January 2015
Freedom Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache and his team of lawyers are trying to silence the anti-fascist movement by pressing charges against the socialist paper Linkswende in several law suits.

Bootle - the battle goes on

03 April 2012
Workers from Mayr Melnhof Packaging (MMP) in Bootle, near Liverpool, protested outside the Austrian embassy in London last Friday against their treatment at the hands of the Austrian-based firm.

Bootle packaging workers protest in London against redundancies

30 March 2012
Workers from Mayr Melnhof Packaging (MMP) in Bootle, near Liverpool, protested outside the Austrian embassy in London today, Friday, against their treatment at the hands of the Austrian-based firm.

Student voices of struggle across Europe

02 November 2010
Students from Greece and Austria came to the EAN conference, as well as Julien Sergere, a college teacher from France.

Forced Journeys: Artists in Exile in Britain 1933 to 1945

20 April 2010
This exhibition of the work of German and Austrian internees on the Isle of Man marks the 70th year since the opening of internment camps on the island.

Austrian students will fight on

15 December 2009
Students have been occupying the University of Vienna in Austria for more than three months.

Photo of the Austrian student occupation

09 December 2009

Dietmar Meister, University of Vienna - ‘Working groups involve thousands of students’

08 December 2009
For weeks now students have shown that they are capable of organising themselves – and not only in Austria. More than 100 working groups have grown out of the occupation at the main university in Vienna.

Katharina Litschauer, University of Vienna - ‘We surrounded parliament’

08 December 2009
Students across Austria have been in occupation for more than three months, battling against a government that is assaulting education funding and attempting to push through neoliberal reforms.

Voices from student occupations in Austria and Serbia

08 December 2009
Voices from student occupations in Austria and Serbia

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