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British Bahrain base legitimises tyrants

British Bahrain base legitimises tyrants The British government has never been shy about cosying up to tyrants and their regimes, says Judith Orr

Bahrain - courage and resistance in the face of repression

Bahrain - courage and resistance in the face of repression Bahraini activists Rula al-Saffar and Jalila al-Salman spoke to Judith Orr about resistance to the al-Khalifa regime

Protests against the regime take place in Bahrain

More than 60 anti-regime protests happened in towns and villages across Bahrain on Wednesday of last week, despite a state clampdown. Police used tear gas and bird shot against activists.

Bahrain: Protests for democracy defy the ‘Formula of Blood’

Yusur Al Bahrani looks how the arrival of the Formula One Grand Prix in Bahrain has sparked off a new round of protests

New protests hit Bahrain

Thousands of people are staging daily protests in the run-up to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain. They point out that the government uses money from the race to buy arms and repress ordinary people in Bahrain.

Bahrain teacher Jalila al-Salman speaks out on eve of sentencing

Bahrain teacher Jalila al-Salman speaks out on eve of sentencing Jalila al-Salman is vice president of the teachers’ union in Bahrain. She faces the prospect of a three year prison sentence on Sunday for her trade union activities, which include leading a strike.

Anger at Bahrain medic prison sentences

15 June 2012
Nine medical workers were sent to prison on Thursday in Bahrain. This capped off an eventful 24 hours in the Gulf state and the year-long uprising threatens to spill over once more.

Days of rage against Formula One in Bahrain

24 April 2012
Protesters in Bahrain undermined the Formula One grand prix last weekend by holding three "days of rage".

Hunger striker’s daughter: Formula One in Bahrain is salt in our wounds

20 April 2012
David Cameron brushed off calls to condemn the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix today. "Bahrain is not Syria," he declared. "There is a process of reform underway."

Bahrain: protests and solidarity

17 April 2012
The Formula One grand prix race is due to take place in Bahrain this week despite the continuing government crackdown on protests there.

Bahrain: Queen’s invite to dictator

10 April 2012
The queen has invited the king of Bahrain to her Jubilee jamboree.

Protests defy police in Bahrain

27 March 2012
Thousands of protesters converged on Bahrain’s capital Manama on Friday of last week over a year after an uprising began there.

Downing Street welcome for Bahrain's brutal dictator

13 December 2011
David Cameron met King Hamad bin Essa Al Khalifa, the ruler of Bahrain, at Downing Street on Monday.

Manchester protest delivers solidarity to Bahrain medics

28 November 2011
Supporters of Bahraini medical staff who have been detained and tortured for tending to anti-regime protesters held a solidarity demonstration outside the Manchester Royal Infirmary last week.

Protests spoil Bahraini Business Seminar in Manchester

13 October 2011
Protesters confronted Bahraini prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Essa Al Khalifa as he entered a "Doing business in Bahrain" seminar with the Manchester Chamber of Commerce on Thursday.

From Bahrain to Brooks

11 October 2011
Rebekah Brooks, the ousted chief executive of News International, is getting help from one of Margaret Thatcher’s most trusted allies—Bell Pottinger.

Outcry over Bahrain medics forces a shift

11 October 2011
The Bahraini government announced last week that medical staff threatened with 15 years in prison will now be tried by a civilian court.

Bahraini nurse: 'Keep up the pressure - make the government drop the charges'

06 October 2011
The Bahraini government announced last night (Wednesday) that the medical staff facing sentences of up to 15 years will now be tried by a civilian court.

Exclusive Bahraini nurse speaks out after 20 medics jailed… ‘Protest to stop regime’s revenge’

04 October 2011
Nurse and union leader Rula al Saffar has been tortured, threatened with rape, and now faces 15 years in a Bahrain jail.

Exclusive: Bahraini nurses’ union leader calls for solidarity

01 October 2011
Rula al Saffar is the president of the nursing union in Bahrain, assistant professor at the college of health science and head of the emergency nursing programme.

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