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Repression fails to quell Bahrain democracy protesters

27 September 2011
Protesters in Bahrain have refused to succumb to repression and continue to take to the streets to fight for freedom. Thousands of Bahrainis from villages surrounding the capital Manama tried to force their way back to the city’s Pearl Square on Friday of last week.

Bahraini activists jailed after protests

28 June 2011
Some 21 Bahraini activists were given lengthy sentences last week, accused of plots to topple the regime.

Exclusive: Bahraini students studying in Britain forced to sign pledge

14 June 2011
Bahraini students studying at British universities have been forced to sign a pledge of allegiance to the King of Bahrain, and promise that they will not take part in any protests against the regime.

Bahrain regime targets students

24 May 2011
Several Bahraini people living in Britain are being forced to sign documents pledging their loyalty to the king of Bahrain and promising not to protest.


10 May 2011
Help us to free Bahrain Thank you for covering the events in Bahrain. We appreciate it.

What's changed in Bahrain?

10 May 2011
The King of Bahrain has announced that the state of emergency imposed in March will end by the start of June.

Bahrainis take torture evidence to UN

07 May 2011
The International Criminal Court (ICC) will decide this week as to whether it plans to accept a case of war crimes against Bahrain’s government. A group of Bahrainis living in Britain, with a team of international lawyers, travelled to The Hague last week to present their report to the prosecutor.

Bahrain: royals will be put in the dock

03 May 2011
Bahraini citizens living in Britain are set to take their case against the Gulf state’s royal family to court this week.

New attack on Bahrainis in Britain

26 April 2011
Seven young Bahraini citizens training to be commercial pilots in Britain have been ordered to return to their home country and present themselves to the government’s Gulf Aviation Authority (GAA).

Bahraini activists face new repression

05 April 2011
Government repression of Bahraini activists inside and outside the Gulf state continues.

Exclusive: Bahraini students hounded in Britain

29 March 2011
Bahraini students who study in Britain have had their scholarships and financial support revoked by their government.

Exclusive: Bahrainian government targets family members of pro-democracy campaigners in Britain

26 March 2011
At 2.20 yesterday morning, Bahraini and Saudi forces raided 20-year old Sayed Mahmood Shuber’s home in Jidali in Bahrain. They pointed guns at the heads of his family and abducted him. They beat him. He has now disappeared.

Bahrain: protesters fightback against Saudi troops

15 March 2011
Some 1,000 Peninsula Shield Force soldiers entered Bahrain from Saudi Arabia on Monday.

Bahrain: a history of repression

22 February 2011
The small island state of Bahrain is being rocked by an uprising.

Royals are all in it together

22 February 2011
Most ordinary people, after watching the bloody scenes on their TV screens this week, would want as much distance between themselves and the king of Bahrain as possible.

Outside intervention is no solution in the Middle East

22 February 2011
The Libyan and Bahraini regimes’ attacks on protesters were met with horror around the world.

Tory spin firm for Bahrain's king

22 February 2011
In between attempts to gun down protesters, the king of Bahrain has employed the international public relations firm Bell Pottinger to manage the country’s image.

Britain sells death

22 February 2011
Bahrain: assault rifles, tear gas, ammunition, aircraft partsEgypt: bombs, missiles, body armourLibya: ammunition, tear gas, crowd control equipmentYemen: body armour, ammunitionAlgeria: combat helicoptersTunisia: gun parts Kuwait: military software, anti-riot shieldsMorocco: bomb partsSyria: ammunitionLebanon: body armour, shotgunsJordan: armoured vehicles, gun parts, gas mask filtersUnited

Bahrain: king desperate to cling to power as protests escalate

22 February 2011
Women and young people are at the heart of the movement.

Libya, Bahrain and beyond - revolt continues to spread

20 February 2011
A storm of revolutions, uprisings and revolts continues to thunder across the Middle East. Its speed and scale is breathtaking.

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