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Bangladesh students fight for safety

Bangladesh students fight for safety Students in Bangladesh have led a series of protests over road safety that have gripped the country.

Climate change displaces millions and is set to get worse, says new report

Climate change displaces millions and is set to get worse, says new report Climate change is already driving millions of people from their homes in poorer countries around the world.

West leaves victims of South Asia floods to rot as homes are swept away in monsoon

West leaves victims of South Asia floods to rot as homes are swept away in monsoon Over 1,200 people are dead, millions displaced and a third of Bangladesh is under water after devastating floods hit parts of South Asia.

Violent clashes follow election in Bangladesh

Violent clashes follow election in Bangladesh Elections in Bangladesh this week have plunged the country deeper into turmoil.

Wage protests in Bangladesh

More than 200,000 textile workers across Bangladesh protested for higher wages last week, forcing hundreds of factories to close.

Bangladesh's workers get results

Protests have continued in Bangladesh over the factory collapse last month that killed over 1,100 workers. They have won concessions from the government.

London protest in solidarity with Bangladesh

07 May 2013
Around 1,000 people protested in central London last Sunday in solidarity with anti-government protesters in Bangladesh. The protest marched from Hyde Park to the Bangladeshi Embassy.

Police kill protesters as Bangladesh crisis grows

07 May 2013
More than 30 people have been killed after police and Islamist protesters clashed in Bangladesh.

Profiteers behind Bangladesh factory collapse

05 May 2013
The disaster at Rana Plaza was no accident and nor will the next building collapse or fire be, writes Mushtuq Husain, president of the Centre for Social Praxis, Bangladesh

Bangladesh - workers murdered by bosses' greed

30 April 2013
Riots and strikes are sweeping Bangladesh as workers demand justice for the hundreds killed making clothes for big name brands

Bangladesh textile workers scare bosses with strike wave

18 September 2012
A new wave of militant strikes by garment workers in Bangladesh is spreading fear in the government and among multinational clothing firms.

Muslims don’t stand alone

23 August 2011
I came to Britain from Bangladesh in 1976 at the age of nine. At that time east London was a very scary place, something of a racial battleground.

Britain trains Bangladeshi torturers: new evidence

18 January 2011
Further evidence has come to light of the relationship between British governments and a Bangladeshi paramilitary death squad.

Wikileaks reveals British government trained death squad

04 January 2011
The British government has been training a Bangladeshi paramilitary death squad, leaked US embassy cables have revealed.

New wave of struggle in Bangladesh

17 December 2010
Bangladesh is in the grip of a fresh round of protests by garment workers.

The role of the West in the Bangladeshi garment industry

10 August 2010
Global clothing importers from the West rushed to back the meagre increase to the minimum wage in Bangladesh.

Fighting back for pay and rights in Dhaka

10 August 2010
Striking garment workers in Bangladesh are continuing their struggle for a decent minimum wage, despite government pleas for them to accept a poor deal from employers.

Workers' revolt in China and Bangladesh challenges myths of globalisation

29 June 2010
The new era of globalised production was meant to avoid two things—economic crises and workers’ resistance.

Garment workers rebellion in Bangladesh

29 June 2010
For the last few weeks Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, and its outskirts have witnessed a rebellion by 100,000 garment workers.

Fighting deportation of teacher Farhan Zakaria

14 October 2008
Farhan Zakaria, a popular teacher and NUT union activist at Sarah Bonnell school in Stratford, east London, is threatened with imminent deportation to Bangladesh.

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