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Workers across Europe strike back against austerity

Workers across Europe strike back against austerity The economic and social policies pushed by the European Union (EU) are often described as a haven from inequality and crisis.

Huge strikes shut France down—and could bring government to its knees

Huge strikes shut France down—and could bring government to its knees Electricity production across France dropped yesterday, Thursday, after workers in all 19 nuclear power stations voted to begin strikes to defend workers’ rights.

Nazis given confidence by Belgian state's crackdown

Nazis given confidence by Belgian states crackdown The bombings in Belgium were horrific but repression helped the far right

Belgians fear repression after bombings in Brussels

Belgians fear repression after bombings in Brussels Bombings in the Belgian capital Brussels had left a reported 31 people dead as Socialist Worker went to press.

More repression won’t stop terror attacks

More repression won’t stop terror attacks Within hours of the killings in Brussels, commentators were speculating about whether the bombings were “revenge” for the arrest of Salah Abdeslam.

Muslims suffer 'fear and terror' after racist raids in Belgium

Muslims suffer fear and terror after racist raids in Belgium The Belgian capital Brussels was in lockdown last weekend after the government announced a terrorism alert.

Greece's government faces collapse as general strikes rock Italy and Belgium

16 December 2014
The year that was meant to bring relief to the eurozone’s crisis is instead ending in strikes, stock exchange runs and political collapse on some of its key battlegrounds.

International round-up

09 December 2014
Mexican students' body found; millions of workers set strike in Italy; and coordinated strikes grip Belgian capital

International round-up

11 November 2014
Catalan independence vote; mass protests in Belgium; plan for civilian rule in Burkina Faso

Europe rocked by general strikes in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece

14 November 2012
Workers walked out today in general strikes across Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece as well as parts of Belgium.

European news round-up

13 November 2012
Belgians say no to Ford closure An estimated 20,000 people marched in the city of Genk, northern Belgium, last Saturday.

Rust and Bone: Jacques Audiard pulls no punches in his latest film

30 October 2012
Ali (Matthias Schoenaerts) is an impoverished boxer, taking scraps to feed his young son on the train from Belgium to northern France.

Ford car workers betrayed

30 October 2012
Motor giant Ford announced it was closing three factories last week. The company will close its plant in Genk, Belgium, at the end of 2014, with plants in Southampton and Dagenham to be shut down next year.

Belgium strikes against austerity

04 February 2012
As European leaders met in Belgium on Monday to plot more austerity, the country was rocked by a general strike.

General strike against Belgium's new government

06 December 2011
Tens of thousands of people protested against austerity in Brussels on Friday of last week. Large parts of Belgium’s transport system were shut down by strikes.

European trade union day of action: a growing wave

05 October 2010
Around 100,000 workers from across Europe marched through Brussels in Belgium on Wednesday of last week as part of the European TUC’s day of action against austerity.

Sunday’s election in Belgium follows three years of crisis

22 June 2010
Last Sunday, people in Belgium went to bed in a country that seemed to be more divided than ever. In Flanders – the Flemish speaking north of the country, where the majority of the population lives – the NVA (New Flemish Alliance) was elected with 30 percent of the Flemish votes.

Respect councillor challenges Bosals redundancies in Preston

18 December 2007
Belgian multinational Bosals have just announced redundancies at their Preston plant.


02 December 2006
Brussels shows the way Some 5,000 Belgian car workers have been taking action against 3,500 job cuts by Volkswagen at the Forest Volkswagen factory in Brussels.

Leopold and Mobutu — colonialism and the ‘incorruptible Kodak’

27 August 2005
At the beginning of the last century the American writer Mark Twain wrote a satire about Belgium’s King Leopold II, the colonial ruler of the Congo.

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