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Protesters greet Bush in Brussels

05 March 2005
George Bush’s recent visit to Belgium was not the sweet love-in envisaged by European Union governments and the European Commission, as this picture shows. The US president was greeted by three days of demonstrations in Brussels, called by various non-governmental organisations, peace groups and trade unions. Despite the best efforts of the weather and the police, the protests were lively and noisy, attracting up to 5,000 people.Hugh Jenkins Brussels

Ford's vital parts

25 October 2003
THE MOST powerful corporations are vulnerable to workers' action. The mighty Ford motor company has had to halt production of Transit vans at its Southampton factory because disruption at its factory in Belgium left it without essential parts. The 1,603 Southampton workers were sent on training courses indefinitely last week.

Round up - Belgium & South Korea

24 May 2003
Why support for the far right has grown BELGIUM'S general election saw a terrifying surge in support for the far right Vlaams Blok (Flemish Block). The party is overtly racist and pushes savagely anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies.


26 October 2002
AN INTERNATIONAL protest against the closure of the Sangatte Red Cross refugee camp and the detention of refugees in Europe took place last Saturday. Beginning in Dover, delegations from Britain, France and Belgium crossed the Channel to protest outside the Sangatte camp.

Debate sprouts among activists

16 March 2002
Around 150 activists from all over Europe met in Brussels, the Belgian capital, last weekend to plan a European Social Forum. This will be modelled on the World Social Forum held in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The World Social Forum was a great gathering of the worldwide movement against global capitalism.

Who is behind Beirut deaths?

09 February 2002
Coincidence? You decide. Elie Hobeika was blown up by a car bomb in Beirut, Lebanon, three weeks ago. He was a leader of one of the Lebanese fascist groups which massacred over 2,500 Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps in Beirut in 1982. Hobeika had agreed to give evidence to a Belgian inquiry into the role of current Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon in the atrocity.

Brussels: Protests are back with a vengeance

22 December 2001
As European Union (EU) leaders discussed more market "reforms" and privatisation of services in Brussels in Belgium, 100,000 trade unionists marched last Thursday in protest at this "neo-liberal" Europe.

Join the protests at the EU summit, Brussels, 13-14 December

24 November 2001
In three weeks time tens of thousands of people are planning to join major protests in the Belgian capital, Brussels. The protests will focus anger at the job losses mounting right across Europe as global recession bites. And they will also voice fury at European leaders' backing for the US-led war on Afghanistan.

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