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Coronavirus death toll is far higher than Tories announced

14 April 2020
Hundreds of people have already died in care homes, yet they are not being counted towards national daily totals. 

Tory adviser says there is nothing to do but work during coronavirus crisis

13 April 2020
Workers can’t “hide” from the coronavirus forever, a government adviser has said. Rupert Shute is the deputy scientific adviser at the Home Office.

Racism, not genetics, explains why Covid-19 hits black and Asian people harder

10 April 2020
The front page of Socialist Worker last week featured faces of some of the many workers in Britain who have died from coronavirus. Of the eight people pictured, six were black or Asian.

‘We are made to feel our job isn’t valuable’ - care staff speak out

07 April 2020
Coronavirus puts hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people in adult social care services at risk. 

More health workers die due to lack of protective equipment

07 April 2020
Health workers are dying of coronavirus because of the Tories’ failure to provide proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

Mutinous mood among paramedics over lack of safety equipment

01 April 2020
A London ambulance worker spoke to Socialist Worker about the anger and fear over the lack of PPE

We need action, not dodgy deals, from union leaders over virus

31 March 2020
Action by workers has shown the type of ­resistance that’s possible against bosses who force them to work in unsafe conditions during the coronavirus outbreak.

Health workers die in lack of equipment ‘national scandal’

30 March 2020
Weeks after the government insisted the shortage of personal protective equipment was being resolved, doctors and nurses are getting ill, and some die because they still can’t get it

Ventilators deadly shortage threatens care

30 March 2020
Hospitals have started rationing ventilators for patients as the coronavirus death toll rises.

The things they say

30 March 2020
‘I shook hands with everybody’

Government knew years ago that the NHS could not cope with virus

30 March 2020
The NHS failed a test of its ability to withstand a major pandemic more than three years ago but the results were not made public.

Thousands across the country clap to show solidarity with the NHS

27 March 2020
The #ClapForOurCarers this week was a huge, grassroots event that reflected a desire by ordinary people to show solidarity, pull together and help one another in difficult times.

No hand sanitiser, no social distancing, no protection – workers speak out

25 March 2020
Tube workers in London are furious at being asked to risk their health by working in unsafe conditions as the coronavirus crisis grows.

Government cost-cutting in the NHS over a decade ago is putting lives at risk now

25 March 2020
Why is the NHS failing to get the right protective equipment to health workers coming face to face with the coronavirus?

Anxious, exhausted and angry—health workers speak out

20 March 2020
The coronavirus crisis has laid bare the dire state of Britain’s underfunded NHS. Health workers battling the virus spoke to Socialist Worker about the harsh reality of being on the frontline

Coronavirus—‘We need emergency action’

14 March 2020
The Socialist Workers Party has made a statement calling for urgent measures to tackle the coronavirus crisis and protect people's lives

Covid-19 - a virus that exposes the system’s failures

08 March 2020
The coronavirus, like all serious epidemics, reveals capitalism’s priorities and shows us why it cannot protect us. Socialist and scientist John Parrington talked to Socialist Worker about the current crisis

‘We are not with you’, Wigan charity strikers tell the bosses

03 March 2020
Privatised health workers in Wigan and Leigh have launched a fresh round of strikes in their long-running fight for NHS rates of pay.

York students say they won’t be divided by coronavirus fears

02 February 2020
 Students fear a rise in racism after the first British cases of coronavirus infection were revealed to be from their university.

Victims of contaminated blood were treated with contempt—and are still denied justice

31 January 2020
New evidence shows people who contracted serious diseases were kept in the dark, ostracised and blamed

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